December 2019

Michelle Clark BVSc, CertAVP(SAM), MRCVS and Helen Baxter BVMS, CertAVP, MRCVS discuss this procedure and share a case study involving a dog kicked by a horse.

16 mins

Brigite Pedro and Chris Linney provide updates on the management of these issues, and ongoing research into control strategies and devices.

66 mins

Francesco Cian presents the case of an eight-year-old cockatoo seen by a referring veterinary surgeon for a traumatic foot lesion.

6 mins

Alex Gough discusses a common and life-threatening problem, typically of large-breed dogs, plus other latest research in his latest Research Review.

20 mins

Maria-Christine Fischer in the first of a two-part article, describes lens characteristics, cataract causes and untreated case complications.

31 mins

James Colver discusses a potentially life-threatening – and under-reported – complication seen with endotracheal intubation.

25 mins

Sarah Caney discusses this common presentation in cats – including information to advise owners and treatment innovations.

31 mins

Panagiotis Kokkinos, Diana Ferreira and Daniela Murgia detail the clinical signs of this issue, and treatment and management options.

33 mins

November 2019

Ellie Mardell outlines some major geriatric disorders in feline patients, and the benefits of early detection and intervention.

42 mins

Miguel Martinez details how to interpret a capnogram, as well as make the most of adopting this method in a clinical setting.

25 mins

David Walker and Shaun Calleja review medical conditions affecting the stomach, including an update on management and treatment.

43 mins

James McMurrough discusses the approach to this issue – including bronchoalveolar lavage, when to perform it, what to test and how to interpret results.

38 mins

Francesco Cian discusses the case of a four-month-old male mixed-breed dog with a history of anorexia, weight loss and diarrhoea in his latest Haematology Hub.

7 mins

Simon Tappin reviews the treatment options for this issue in dogs and cats, as well as the challenges they present.

26 mins

Karen Perry and Emily Hartman use an unusual case example to demonstrate their approach to management of this joint disease in cats.

114 mins

Radu Scortea and Toby Gemmill detail how to approach these types of injuries in small animal patients.

35 mins

Kate Parkinson discusses common parasitic worms, and why anthelmintic use and client education are vital in lowering the risk of infection.

35 mins

Stephanie Phillips explains, with the help of TVM UK, how activated charcoal can be used to treat and range of poison cases.

11 mins

October 2019

Karen Perry, in the final of a three-part article, discusses promising prospective treatments for this disorder in dogs.

24 mins

Albane Fauron, in the first of a three-part series, discusses the background to this technology and the types available.

46 mins