September 2015

Optimising the management of feline chronic kidney disease (CKD; Figure 1) can significantly impact on … more

31 mins

Antimicrobial resistance is a major health threat of our time. Concerted efforts towards reducing inappropriate … more

25 mins

The rehoming of both stray and unwanted cats through veterinary charities and practices is a … more

23 mins

You have just heroically placed an oesophagostomy feeding tube into a seven-year-old anorexic cat called … more

8 mins

ABSTRACT Laser therapy (LT) acts when the photons of particular wavelengths interact with certain molecules … more

19 mins

One would think making a diagnosis of conjunctivitis and treating it appropriately would be one … more

43 mins

Last year in China, while at Zhejiang University Veterinary Hospital, Hangzhou after winning the BSAVA … more

15 mins

ABSTRACT A three-year-old, male shih-tzu, weighing 8.3kg, was presented with acute onset paraplegia post-exercise. The … more

34 mins

August 2015

Once a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism has been made, decision making turns to management. Research by … more

24 mins

Keira may look like your average Staffordshire bull terrier, but we discovered she was very … more

6 mins

In part one of this feature (VT45.34), the author considered dietary therapy for chronic kidney … more

18 mins

We stood in front of the staff toilets. Shadows lay heavy in the tiny space. … more

30 mins

Of all the treatments for chronic kidney disease (CKD), dietary modification has the most positive … more

24 mins

Opioid analgesics are often the mainstay of perioperative pain management, but have become increasingly popular … more

31 mins

After a long day at the clinic, Ralph is your last appointment. He is an … more

5 mins

ABSTRACT Sleep disorders are infrequently encountered in small animal practice, but can mimic common conditions, … more

23 mins

Urinalysis is an essential component of patient assessment. In general, especially for sick cats, cystocentesis … more

17 mins

Osteoarthritis (OA) is being increasingly recognised as the most common cause of progressive chronic pain … more

21 mins

Nutrition plays a vital role in health yet, despite inappetence being a common presenting sign … more

30 mins

We can forget sometimes just how lucky we are living on a relatively small island … more

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