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November 2018

A vet’s day can be unpredictable and so are their patients. You need a FUJIFILM SonoSite portable ultrasound to go where and when you need it.

August 2015

At the beginning of the year, Claudia, a rescued moon bear at Animals Asia’s Chengdu … more

13 mins

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a rapidly growing adjunctive therapy in companion animal practice. Low-level laser … more

1 mins

July 2015

VBJ editor James Westgate speaks to Niall McFerran about the advantages of selling own-brand products … more

April 2015

The world has changed enormously since I qualified as a vet in the nineties, but … more

Think you’ve got all the bases covered when it comes to Facebook? Think again. Most … more

12 mins

February 2015

The industry is awash with advice on using social media. In fact, it’s now so … more

December 2014

I often see new graduate workshops and tutorials advertised where the seminar leaders address the problems … more

More commonly these days, our practice management systems (PMS) are able to distil a patient’s … more

October 2014

I recently paused to think about what I was doing (which is always fatal) and … more

August 2014

Following a previous blog in which I mentioned MOOCs (massive open online courses), I took … more

July 2014

In my interview for Glasgow vet school, I was asked the question “how far is … more

8 mins

June 2014

Electronic security is back in the news: eBay has announced that it was hacked a … more

February 2014

In January, I attended my first AVS (the Association of Veterinary Students) congress. It was … more

November 2013

Something I have noticed in the past few years (and mentioned in my last post) … more

7 mins

July 2013

The current news of the American NSA and British GCHQ indiscriminately stealing and using citizen … more