February 2013

Everyone knows that there’s an ancient feud between vet and medical students. Glasgow is no … more

6 mins

One little piggy’s in a farrowing crate, one little piggy gets his tail docked and … more

5 mins

January 2013

Sat in our equine lectures so far, I’ve found myself dozing off a little. Not … more

5 mins

December 2012

A week before the December exams, I found myself making the five-hour train journey south … more

5 mins

November 2012

“If a nerve is squashed, it’s not too serious, it goes back to normal. If … more

6 mins

In anatomy, we have the ongoing debate about whether we need to use the anatomical … more

3 mins

As vet students, welfare is always being rammed down our throats – and rightly so … more

7 mins

October 2012

Earlier this week, I was asked my opinion on the proposal of “tracked” veterinary degrees. … more

5 mins

First year student Jordan Sinclair tells the story of her long, convoluted (and painful) journey to the University of Glasgow, and discusses her first impressions of vet school.

10 mins