October 2015

I enjoy writing about my experiences, but I also enjoy reading about others. I’m also … more

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A couple of weeks ago, I received the phone call I’ve been dreading since moving … more

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September 2015

Having finally settled in one place in Jaipur, India, my friend and I were able … more

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One of the many non-academic challenges of becoming a vet is learning to cope with … more

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August 2015

There is an unwritten rule that, at the end of each clinical placement (or, in some … more

“Prognose, prognose, prognose” is a phrase uttered regularly by a vet I’ve spent a lot … more

July 2015

Despite expecting a purely equine placement, I’ve had a bit of a crash course in … more

The big summer OSCE extravaganza is over. For many nursing students it's just a wait for results and then it's "RVN time". For those who need to resit (and it's never that many), the focus returns to exams.

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Wildlife veterinary medicine is more than being a good shot with a dart gun and … more

June 2015

Having a pig farm in the family gives me a bit of a distorted view … more

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I spent a couple of weeks at a mixed practice on extramural studies. It was … more

The final RCVS objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) for diploma nurses will be held this month, and in July City and Guilds have theirs. CQ will also have some around the end of term, too.

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May 2015

As veterinary students (and probably later as vets), we have a very distorted view of … more

It’s examination time and vet students across the UK are frantically trying to fill their heads with … more

April 2015

With the general election fast approaching, there’s been a big push to encourage 18 to … more

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In a previous blog, I alluded to the feminisation of the profession. Here, I speak … more

Following the devastating news of the Germanwings crash last week, the co-pilot’s torn-up sick note … more

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March 2015

Supporting a student nurse takes many forms. Peer assessment can save teachers time, improve students' understanding of course materials and improve their metacognitive skills.

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Although the UK’s fire and rescue services are not obligated to rescue a cat stuck … more

At the end of this month (March), my year group has to submit their choices … more