January 2018

RVN Michelle Cox talks readers through how her veterinary practice is helping frightened dogs cope with their much-needed trips to the clinic.

38 mins

October 2017

Closer to our pets – Professor of Zoonosis, Bruno Chomel, discusses the ever increasing risks that pets pose on human health.

15 mins

July 2017

Dog behaviourist and registered dog trainer, Karen Wild, discusses the possible psychological implications of parasite bites in pets.

9 mins

June 2017

See how palatable oral chews can positively transform the pet and owner experience of parasite control.

1 mins

May 2017

Jenny Helm, senior veterinary clinician at University of Glasgow, discusses the recent tick media attention and the stats vets should be aware of.

13 mins

January 2017

Providing vets and final year veterinary students with valuable "hands-on" canine neutering experience. Book now!

6 mins

Learn how the new puppy growth charts could help pave the way for a healthier dog population, simply by tracking growth against reference standards.

38 mins

November 2016

Bayer’s third canine ophthalmology training video is now available: examining the cornea.

22 mins

The CVS Group has joined forces with the Dachshund Breed Council in an x-ray screening programme aimed at reducing the prevalence of a crippling back disease in the species.

4 mins

October 2016

Providing a choice to pet owners. Explore the role of GnRH and the use of deslorelin with the Suprelorin hormone implant.

21 mins

September 2016

ROYAL CANIN® is excited to announce the launch of a new range of liquid diets specifically designed for tube feeding. Click here to find out more!

22 mins

August 2016

Kit Sturgess discusses some of the causes of this intestinal disease and how using probiotics and dietary therapy are among the best available approaches to treatment.

30 mins

Your first case of the morning is Jack, a five-year-old Manchester terrier that has been … more

6 mins

Julia Smith discusses the signs and treatment options regarding this rare skin disease typically seen in older dogs.

16 mins

Hany Elsheikha discusses why it is important for owners to be compliant when administering deworming medicine to their pets and ways to approach this with clients.

30 mins

July 2016

Get the latest independent information canine rickettsial diseases, tick-borne diseases that multiply within circulating cells.

33 mins

Babesiosis is an emerging threat to UK pets. Make sure you get the latest independent information here to help you tackle this.

38 mins

The threat from ticks and tick-borne diseases is changing. Get the latest independent information here.

51 mins

June 2016

Lyme disease is relatively new but growing threat for both pets and people in the UK. Get independent up-to-date information here to help you tackle this.

41 mins

May 2016

Hayley Walters talks about the importance of future VNs recognising both the mental and physical welfare needs of animals, and introduces a course designed to help.

10 mins