June 2008

Nigel Woodbine reporter, reviews a presentation given at BEVA Congress on the importance of correct … more

30 mins

Ian MacFarlaine VN, gives some handy hints for any vet nurses who don’t get enough … more

38 mins

Penrose presents a tale of life and love in veterinary practice STORY so far: problem … more

13 mins

Samantha Lakehal VN, describes her experiences preparing to export her beloved cat, Gordon, to Australia … more

19 mins

May 2008

Kim Clarke, explains the background to the Tree of Life for Animals charity that was … more

10 mins

Emma Garnett VN, looks at why cats can become hyperthyroid and what the various treatment … more

22 mins

Melanie Atkinson BVSc, MRCVS, recounts the joys of cat spaying in springtime… or at any … more

9 mins

Vicky Tonks VN, describes the work her role as veterinary nurse at the Dogs Trust … more

24 mins

Becky Swygart VN, describes the life cycle of this common parasite for a greater understanding … more

21 mins

Pam Mackinnon BA, DipCABT, gives some practical tips on choosing appropriate activities to make a … more

23 mins

Rebecca Ward VN, describes how mature pet clinics can offer advice on making older pets’ … more

19 mins

LEARNING to adapt our approach to match the needs of our clients is an important … more

11 mins

Josey Killner DipAVN (Surgical) DipAVN (Medical), RVN looks at ways of encouraging patients to eat … more

25 mins

Helen Butler VN, shares her experience of not-so-routine nursing care at one of only two … more

26 mins

Kath Howie VN, continues her series with a look at how to prepare the patient … more

21 mins

April 2008

Mary Fraser BVMS, PhD, CertVD, PGCHE, FHEA, CBiol, MIBiol, MRCVS gives guidelines on maintenance fluid … more

22 mins

Kath Howie, VN, introduces the topic of GDV in dogs and how to approach the … more

17 mins

Robin Fearon, features editor, reports on an initiative to influence antisocial behaviour with dogs through … more

21 mins

Penrose A tale of life and love in veterinary practice ANGUS gets put upon by … more

11 mins

Tracy Mayne VN, VHA, CVPM, looks at the psychology behind selling and how highlighting a … more

31 mins