February 2009

Tracy Mayne VN, VHA, CVPM, encourages nurses to challenge their approach to daily anaesthetic procedures … more

28 mins

Amy Thorne VN, explains the main types of capnographs used and how to identify the … more

11 mins

Sarah Price VN, DipAVN (Medical), discusses the substances used in x-rays and how they can … more

26 mins

Beth Jones veterinarian’s dog extraordinaire and super-talented canine columnist, continues her quarterly diary in this … more

11 mins

January 2009

Claire Bloor BSc (Hons), RVN, PGCE, Cert VN (Dent), C-SQP, MIfL, explains the roles and … more

32 mins

Jennifer Wakeling VetMB, BA, CertSAM, MRCVS, explains kidney disease in cats and the important role … more

20 mins

Francesca Riccomini BSc(Hons), BVetMed, MRCVS, DAS(CABC), CCAB on minimising stress to pets returning home from … more

25 mins

Penrose presents a tale of life and love in veterinary practice – as a troublesome vet finds … more

9 mins

Halina Tombs ESVPS veterinary physiotherapist, explains how VNs can achieve a recognised qualification in a … more

20 mins

Information and guidance from Europe’s Weight Advisory Group on how to deal with overweight and … more

20 mins

December 2008

One veterinary nurse shares her battle with depression, and explains why sufferers should never be … more

17 mins

Alison Logan MA, VetMB, MRCVS, on why a communal effort is needed to control our … more

26 mins

Claire Bloor VN, explains how to assess the severity of gingivitis and periodontitis, and examines … more

12 mins

Justine Thorne VN, Cert SAN, unwraps likely sources of stress, illness and injury for pets … more

14 mins

Ellie Mardell MA, VetMB, CertSAM, MRCVS, explores the causes and management of disorders of the … more

24 mins

Penrose presents a tale of life and love in veterinary practice – this time focusing on the … more

13 mins

LEARNING to adapt our approach to match the needs of our clients is an important … more

10 mins

November 2008

Francesca Riccomini, gives some practical tips on how to enrich a dog’s environment DISAPPOINTINGLY, even … more

20 mins

Ross White, describes the process of reflecting on work situations to enhance nursing practice LET’S … more

23 mins

Penrose presents a tale of life and love in veterinary practice STORY so far: Head … more

10 mins