November 2016

Having begun her second year at the helm of the association, BVNA president Samantha Morgan speculates as to what might happen in 2016-17 and beyond.

7 mins

October 2016

Speaking in the association’s congress month, BVNA regional coordinator Emma Gerrard tells VN Times what the association means to her.

7 mins

VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard reveals the advisory panel that will be keeping your magazine at its best, and her on her toes…

41 mins

September 2016

RVN Rebecca Wright recounts the story behind her seven-hour stint in a kennel dressed as a rabbit to help raise awareness of the animal’s welfare needs.

19 mins

In September's VN Voice, Natalie Franks, SVN at Anglia Ruskin University, talks about the initial year on her degree course.

8 mins

August 2016

BVNA president Sam Morgan’s time at Pride in London leads her to look at acceptance, in both practice and life.

6 mins

Vets and VNs can be justifiably proud of what they have achieved to improve owner understanding and knowledge of nutrition, internal and external parasites, and vaccination. Sadly, however, the same cannot be said for dental and oral care.

10 mins

July 2016

Rebecca Hubbard looks at possibilities the internet can offer nurse advocacy efforts and talks to a particularly impassioned VN on how this can be done.

12 mins

Rebecca Hubbard continues June's article on “a look at what’s occurring in practice” by hearing from more VNs about their day-to-day flea and tick treatment dealings, advice, compliance and more.

23 mins

Rebecca Hubbard, in a new series, talks to RVNs about their day-to-day work, finding out what they like and love (and maybe what they don’t) about their jobs, and what it is they get up to.

15 mins

RCVS VN council member and zoo RVN Matthew Rendle talks of the male side of the profession, where numbers are, unfortunately, dwindling.

6 mins

June 2016

The first year after qualifying as an RVN is exciting. You’ve passed your exams and your nursing progress log/clinical skills log is behind you, but, even qualified, you’re always learning – one of the great things about this profession.

6 mins

Marie Rippingale, a well-respected and highly thought of REVN, decided in 2015, after 13 years … more

15 mins

VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard asks VNs for their opinions on owner advice, compliance and the nurse’s role in practice regarding this hotly debated topic.

34 mins

Over the past few months, I have been in the privileged position of spending time travelling around the country with my colleagues talking to VNs from all backgrounds about what being a nurse means to them and how they think it can be made better.

7 mins

May 2016

VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard talks to vet nurses about the reception new compulsory microchipping legislation in dogs has had among clinics, and asks for their personal views on the law itself.

25 mins

BVNA education development coordinator Debbie Gray asks what VNs can do to educate and inform the public.

5 mins

April 2016

Rebecca Hubbard, VN Times editor, in a new series, boards planes, trains and automobiles to talk to nurses about their experiences working abroad.

21 mins

Jane Davidson offers a few ideas for making the most of Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, an initiative created to raise awareness of the vital role played by veterinary nurses in animal care and treatment.

9 mins

February 2016

After attending a workshop by the RCVS Mind Matters group, I was startled to see … more

5 mins