June 2016

So, it happened. The RCVS elections closed and you (well, 10.9% of you) elected your two new councillors. Let me introduce you to them.

15 mins

May 2016

Rebecca Hubbard reports from the VN Futures initiative's second regional meeting and the challenge faced by participants of setting what lies next for veterinary nurses.

44 mins

Hayley Walters talks about the importance of future VNs recognising both the mental and physical welfare needs of animals, and introduces a course designed to help.

10 mins

April 2016

Rebecca Hubbard, VN Times editor, enlightens readers on a new initiative directed at the future of the veterinary nursing profession, what it means for RVNs and why you should get involved.

19 mins

Rebecca Hubbard reports from 2016’s TP Congress, where clinical coaching, cocktails and canapés made for a captivating concoction.

24 mins

BVNA education development coordinator Debbie Gray tells readers about the free CPD available for its members.

5 mins

Marie Rippingale introduces the Equine Bandaging Angels – a group of four veterinary nurses who are delivering wound care CPD to veterinary practices nationwide.

8 mins

March 2016

Rebecca Hubbard in a new series, delves into the digital world to find websites, apps, forums and noticeboards to help and inspire VNs in work and play.

16 mins

Caroline Iser shares her experiences as an animal hospital VN, the gratification and satisfaction she receives and the importance of like-minded colleagues.

11 mins

Holly Kernot speaks to RVN Jane Davidson on the methods in which she reaches out to fellow nurses and her hopes for the profession’s future.

18 mins

The EDGE programmes from Vets Now are not only exciting and fun but they provide the ideal springboard for a career in EEC.

7 mins

January 2016

A VN’s role may have developed over the past 25 years, but the fact remains … more

26 mins

December 2015

Another summer; another amazing opportunity to continue my quest to learn, savour and share the … more

29 mins

November 2015

Being a mum in a full-time head nurse role has its challenges. However, from my … more

12 mins

We all know and agree having a well-trained and compassionate veterinary nurse working in a … more

9 mins

October 2015

If you fancy a change in your career, but want to stay in veterinary nursing … more

36 mins

September 2015

The RCVS is encouraging veterinary professionals to incorporate evidence-based veterinary medicine (EBVM) into their everyday work. … more

7 mins

Sitting in her office, vet and clinic director Kelly Whitelaw said with conviction: “In terms … more

18 mins

RVN Hayley Walters has two passions in her working life and says being named Ceva … more

17 mins

August 2015

The royal charter stands out as the highlight of Kathy Kissick’s time as RCVS VN council … more

15 mins