March 2016

The EDGE programmes from Vets Now are not only exciting and fun but they provide the ideal springboard for a career in EEC.

7 mins

January 2016

A VN’s role may have developed over the past 25 years, but the fact remains … more

26 mins

December 2015

Another summer; another amazing opportunity to continue my quest to learn, savour and share the … more

29 mins

November 2015

Being a mum in a full-time head nurse role has its challenges. However, from my … more

12 mins

We all know and agree having a well-trained and compassionate veterinary nurse working in a … more

9 mins

October 2015

If you fancy a change in your career, but want to stay in veterinary nursing … more

36 mins

September 2015

The RCVS is encouraging veterinary professionals to incorporate evidence-based veterinary medicine (EBVM) into their everyday work. … more

7 mins

Sitting in her office, vet and clinic director Kelly Whitelaw said with conviction: “In terms … more

18 mins

RVN Hayley Walters has two passions in her working life and says being named Ceva … more

17 mins

August 2015

The royal charter stands out as the highlight of Kathy Kissick’s time as RCVS VN council … more

15 mins

A little girl screaming and sobbing in the waiting room; a mum having to deal with … more

14 mins

February 2015

A young deaf woman has overcome the odds to forge a career as a registered veterinary … more

10 mins

Frances McAulay has a wealth of experience in people management and employee relations, having qualified as … more

16 mins

Occasionally, the BVNA receives comments and questions from the public on issues relating to the … more

5 mins