April 2016

Jane Davidson offers a few ideas for making the most of Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, an initiative created to raise awareness of the vital role played by veterinary nurses in animal care and treatment.

9 mins

Part of this blog went out on my Facebook page on the night of the 2016 Crufts final, fuelled by sadness and prosecco – never a good combo!

8 mins

March 2016

My blog posts are generally written in an attempt to provide a balanced view on VN and industry issues or to get your opinions on certain subjects. Well, let’s forget that for today – I’m getting off the fence…

10 mins

How well we know our patients helps us handle them with the minimum amount of … more

8 mins

February 2016

I’ve had a secret I’ve not told you all – a little project I didn’t … more

10 mins

With vet nurses currently fighting to protect their title, now seems a good time to … more

7 mins

January 2016

While at London Vet Show in November, I attended the Vet Futures debate on the … more

5 mins

Last month I had the honour of attending a film premiere. It wasn’t a standard … more

5 mins

December 2015

We all do a lot of small and large charitable acts throughout the year, so … more

4 mins

If you haven’t heard the name “prepper”, a whole sub-culture is passing you by. These … more

9 mins

November 2015

As a dog and cat owner I can recognise the irony between people’s attitudes to … more

7 mins

We’re lucky to live in a lovely area of London, with plenty of open space to … more

8 mins

October 2015

“Television: the scourge of the nation, breeding ignorance and feeding radiation.” Those who recognise The Disposable … more

6 mins

Reading up on the legislation regarding working hours and the national minimum wage (NMW) I discovered … more

September 2015

I’ve noted a growing trend for veterinary staff to laugh at client mistakes. While this … more

I was surprised to learn our local authority is getting rid of its dog warden, and that … more

5 mins

August 2015

Following the publication of my recent post about crowdfunding to pay vet bills, I got … more

3 mins

At our usual holiday destination there is an annual dog show, run by a small … more

This year has been a challenging, but exciting, time for International Aid for the Protection … more

7 mins

July 2015

The big summer OSCE extravaganza is over. For many nursing students it’s just a wait for … more