February 2015

Obesity is a huge welfare problem that is rapidly increasing. We all know this. That … more

I recently discovered a veterinary practice in southern England that advertises the fact they have … more

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January 2015

I worked New Year this year, and we had a busy one. Raisin ingestion was … more

So 2014 has come to an end – and before we begin our journey through … more

December 2014

I often see new graduate workshops and tutorials advertised where the seminar leaders address the problems … more

More commonly these days, our practice management systems (PMS) are able to distil a patient’s … more

November 2014

As a new graduate I found it raised eyebrows and cast doubt on your character to ask … more

Stuart Reid, current president of the RCVS, wants to revisit the old chestnut of using … more

October 2014

In our line of work we not only confront, but make use of death as … more

I recently paused to think about what I was doing (which is always fatal) and … more

September 2014

I think we may soon lose the battle to keep our right to prescribe most antibiotics … more

It’s a well-established principle of motivational psychology that “carrots are better than sticks” – that … more

August 2014

This blog entry isn’t a rant. It’s a plea. I got involved in a discussion … more

Like most vets I do well in excess of my required CPD, and am even … more

July 2014

Emergency work I think is one of the hardest, if not THE hardest discipline to … more

Failure is another taboo subject in the profession, as it is in most walks of life. … more

June 2014

This is going to be a tough one to write without winding somebody up. It’s … more

Electronic security is back in the news: eBay has announced that it was hacked a … more

May 2014

Like most people in this profession I have problems with the RCVS Disciplinary Committee’s judgement … more

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The RCVS is changing the Register of Members so that only qualifications immediately relevant to your … more