November 2015

I hoped for many things when I embarked on a career in veterinary medicine, including … more

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October 2015

“I’d like you to have a look at her back end. There’s something… well there’s … more

8 mins

“I’ll never forgive you for this. Never.” The man whispered the words in my ear … more

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September 2015

I’m not going to tell you how long ago I was at university, but I … more

It was my first day at work. I was nervous as heck, keen to impress, … more

August 2015

Dave Nicol turned his world upside down when he moved to Sydney in 2009 to … more

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We live in troubled times – economically, politically, and socially. This blog being mostly focused on … more

9 mins

Despite my continued annoyance at the non-appearance of hoverboards, the 21st century is truly a wonderful … more

July 2015

My name is Jo and I’m a perfectionist. Perfectionism is a big part of who … more

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Willow, my faithful (if neurotic) lurcher, is usually good company on our walks. We have … more

I’ve had to face a difficult decision in the last few months. You see, it’s … more

June 2015

All too often, I hear colleagues (vets and nurses) asking a client to sign a consent … more

For a long time before graduation, I held a special interest in “exotics” – a … more

May 2015

“Price is only a concern in the absence of value” – I saw this pinned to … more

Erstwhile RCVS president Jacqui Molyneux’s comments that practitioners use the 10 hours “undocumented private study” CPD … more

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April 2015

I work for a flat salary rate at the moment – and I like it … more

The world has changed enormously since I qualified as a vet in the nineties, but … more

March 2015

As reported in Veterinary Times (February 9 issue), the RCVS would like all veterinary practices to comply … more

This past fortnight or so we’ve seen a handful of cases in which dogs which … more

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February 2015

Obesity is a huge welfare problem that is rapidly increasing. We all know this. That … more