February 2015

Quiet, lethargic, not eating very much and just generally a bit slow? It’s worthwhile tapping … more

January 2015

I recently saw a very large, and very friendly bull mastiff that presented with what appeared to be … more

I suspect we have all come across that tricky Pseudomonas otitis case that just seem … more

3 mins

Last Saturday I had a “walk in” – a very cute spaniel that was limping … more

Vets are always taught, quite rightly, the power of effective history taking. The value of it is … more

December 2014

Last week I removed one of the largest, most pus-filled uteri from a large breed … more

I’ve not long come across a case of a middle-aged dog that had suddenly become unaccustomedly … more

We have now started to use Polydioxanone (PDS) to stabilise symphyseal fractures in cats. We … more

We recently saw a 10-year-old, West Highland white that had developed a middle ear infection and facial … more

In our practice, the preferred way to induce vomiting after ingestion of poisons (most commonly raisins, chocolate … more

November 2014

It is generally accepted rabbit anaesthesia can be challenging, but we do a lot of rabbit neutering … more

As I’ve done quite a few clinical tips now, I thought it would be interesting … more

I recently had a male cat presented that was “just a bit quiet” – it … more

October 2014

Given my interest in dermatology a lot of itchy canine and feline individuals are passed … more

We recently had a case where a freely mobile, soft mass on the ventral abdomen, … more

OK, a potentially controversial one this… There is a lot of evidence highlighting resistance to … more

I now try to avoid running food trials in mid-summer. Certainly on first presentation, with no previous … more

2 mins

September 2014

My colleagues and I use immunotherapy on a fair number of dogs to treat atopic … more

If, like me, you get frustrated using scotch tape in the Diff-Quik to check for … more

This line always makes me think of the James Herriot books – and I recently … more