March 2013

Because the liver may be contained entirely within the rib cage in normal cats and … more

February 2013

The perennial topic of comparative suicide rates in different professions came up this weekend at … more

14 mins

Many clients treat their dogs like children. This is fine so long as they’re not … more

Everyone knows that there’s an ancient feud between vet and medical students. Glasgow is no … more

6 mins

Easter is fast approaching, which means several things to those of us in practice: Two … more

4 mins

In the old days we were always taught to bandage a fracture, preferably with a … more

As I finished looking at the somewhat dishevelled six-year-old Westie I reviewed my findings; TPR … more

One little piggy’s in a farrowing crate, one little piggy gets his tail docked and … more

5 mins

Nominations for VN council have been announced, but VN turnout for voting is traditionally low – under … more

2 mins

Endocrine alopecia in cats is extremely rare.

January 2013

Pectus excavatum is a common congenital malformation of the sternum and costochondral cartilages affecting cats, … more

It’s common knowledge that cats cannot thrive on dog food due to inadequate taurine levels … more

1 mins

Well where to begin? With the current news stories it can feel like we are … more

6 mins

As part of my studies at the moment I have to get up to speed … more

Sat in our equine lectures so far, I’ve found myself dozing off a little. Not … more

5 mins

A new year and the new awarding bodies for the VN diploma seem to be … more

December 2012

Vetsonline speaks to Lintbells co-founder John Howie about the launch of Yumove Cat, a joint … more

1 mins

Vetsonline speaks to Petplan’s national relationship manager Howard Brown about the 14th annual Petplan Veterinary … more

1 mins

Another week closer to Christmas, and it can be a sad time of year for … more

A week before the December exams, I found myself making the five-hour train journey south … more

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