May 2013

For some time now, the badger cull debate has been ongoing, and finally, despite continuing … more

8 mins

The animal should be prepared for the study by being starved for a minimum of … more

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April 2013

Attitudes and opinions change gradually as we get older. I don’t normally subscribe to the … more

Warm weather is finally here – and, as much as we love this, it results … more

With pre-exam stress in full swing for most of us, we welcomed a break in … more

4 mins

My phone (a Galaxy Note) is a wonderful device when I think about it. I … more

I’m not talking Crufts. I mean real, local “all dogs matter” dog shows. Before (and … more

Vetsonline editor Nigel Woodbine speaks to BSAVA’s head of congress Amanda Stranack, who talks about … more

1 mins

Charity CEO Claire Bessant and vice-president Bradley Viner officially unveiled the Feline Advisory Bureau’s new … more

7 mins

You know you’re going somewhere remote when your first exchange with a local Norwegian at … more

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Outgoing BSAVA president Mark Johnston talks about the association’s successes during his presidency, focusing on … more

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Vetsonline reporter Rebecca Hubbard talks to incoming president Michael Day at BSAVA Congress 2013. Prof … more

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March 2013

Pricing of our services is an odd issue and one I have unresolved and conflicting … more

Our main holiday season is coming. YAY! We have our dog friendly cottage booked – … more

During the Easter holidays, I had my first EMS placement. Although I’d hand-reared cade lambs … more

4 mins

Renal proteinuria is an important complication of chronic renal disease. The presence of proteinuria is … more

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When I was at vet school in the nineties I reached fourth year, the last … more

A young cat in good condition with a history of coughing and mixed dyspnoea with … more

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“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would … more

6 mins

I had heard of the Pet Blood Bank before, but only when it was mentioned … more

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