February 2020

JaneRVN marks the passing of her canine companion by recounting fond memories of the Pekingese princess that exuded confidence, lived in the moment and taught Jane to face life head on.

8 mins

Having discussed preparing to become a mentee and deciding what you want to achieve from the role, Gerardo Poli explains how to approach – and ask – a prospective mentor.

5 mins

January 2020

Recent graduate and mixed practice vet David Charles offers advice for students who are thinking of following the same route into the profession.

17 mins

Jordan Sinclair discusses how pet owning is carbon costly, but looking at the bigger picture, pets could reduce an owner’s carbon footprint due to the type of lifestyle he or she adopts to care for them.

12 mins

What do you want to achieve from your relationship with your mentor? Gerardo Poli urges mentees to consider this before beginning their search, to ensure a successful partnership.

8 mins

Cancer, despite being feared, is a broad term for various diseases that share a similar cause. Nick Marsh classifies tumours based on the cells they’re derived from and how they appear down the microscope.

19 mins

Gerardo Poli offers advice to help prepare students and new graduates for being taken under someone’s wing once they enter practice.

8 mins

“Although around 70% of vet graduates are female, the number of practising female vets is more like 50%” – Eleanor Goad considers the gender imbalance in the profession and why it may exist.

11 mins

Jane RVN explains why double dipping is never good – whether in patient consults or communal lunch times.

9 mins

January marks the time to set new goals, but with no sign of cash, warm weather or an end to leftover chocolate, its tough. Jordan Sinclair explains how long-term, realistic plans are the secret to success.

12 mins

If you worked over the festive season – while family and friends relaxed and spent time together – Hubert Hiemstra has a message for you: be proud of yourself.

9 mins

“I know I’m helping with my reports and my opinions, but I very rarely get the buzz any more” – having not worked in general practice for four years – Nick Marsh wonders if he will ever feel “the buzz” again.

19 mins

Eleanor Goad discusses how, though taking time out from exam prep is a godsend, camaraderie among fellow students who understand what you are going through makes all the difference.

7 mins

Good signage is important and, in some instances, mandatory. But is it having the desired effect? Jane RVN probes an instance where, certainly in a busy practice setting, less is more…

14 mins

December 2019

Having learned about the initiatives carried out by Davies Veterinary Specialists, Jordan Sinclair ponders the changes – big and small – the profession could make to reduce its environmental impact.

16 mins

Amid late-night elf-hiding antics, Nick Marsh found light relief in Adam Kay’s ‘Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas – as well as food for thought, not least, on how elderly pets are treated at Christmas.

12 mins

Hubert Hiemstra describes the collection of blood to carry out an autotransfusion, as well as two methods of administering the blood back into the patient.

8 mins

Christmas and the buzzing activity it brings with it is almost here, Eleanor Goad advises on how we can make the holiday easier for our pets.

10 mins

In a second seasonal offering, Jane Davidson turns her attention to the frozen turkey – the symbol of all that is wrong with yuletide celebrations.

15 mins

Having considered the criteria for when to resect part of the small intestine, Gerardo Poli discusses how to keep the rest of the abdomen sterile when carrying out the procedure.

8 mins