December 2017

Not everyone likes the festive season – Jane Davidson included. So, for those dreading Christmas, she offers some words of support: “Do you and do it well.”

18 mins

Gerardo Poli discusses ways of educating owners of dogs that may suffer from stress and anxiety during Christmas gatherings – to ensure they stay away from the emergency room.

8 mins

Questioning owners about their pets' symptoms and well-being is a daily task for vets, but how often do you apply this same process to your own health? Jordan Sinclair looks at the importance of doing both...

10 mins

In a new series, Gerardo Poli explores the common causes of hyperkalaemia and how to manage this using fluid therapy and medications.

8 mins

Envious of his GP's digital patient call display, Nick Marsh looks to address a problem that has been a stumbling block of vets since time immemorial: how, exactly, do you call your client in?

20 mins

In the final part of his series on blood gas analysis, Gerardo Poli explains how to determine both oxygenation ability and adequacy of ventilation in patients with respiratory compromise.

16 mins

Jane RVN looks at the ways veterinary practices can improve levels of customer service and resolve many of the potential conflict areas that can lead to confrontation.

18 mins

Takeaway food may be a quick sustenance solution during busy days in practice or while out on call, but new grad Jordan Sinclair suggests a good work-food balance would be better in the long run.

10 mins

November 2017

Tip of the Week author Gerardo Poli explains how to determine whether a true compensatory response is present and how to rule out the presence of a secondary disorder.

8 mins

It seems an operation tailor-made for job satisfaction, but for Nick Marsh it has led to a contempt for “torture breeding” that has grown since his first job in general practice...

16 mins

New grad Jordan Sinclair shares her thoughts on social networking from both a personal and professional perspective, and suggests her peers avoid viewing the world through Facebook-coloured spectacles.

15 mins

In the fifth part of this extended focus on blood gas analysis, Gerardo Poli explains how to rule out the differential causes of either respiratory or metabolic acidosis/alkalosis.

8 mins

Jane RVN recalls an high-profile cat scratch incident and discusses why such injuries are often treated as a source of amusement, whereas dog attacks are seen as cause for hysteria.

14 mins

Nick Marsh highlights the crucial need to keep talking about mental health issues and offers his opinions as to why the veterinary profession, in particular, is plagued with this problem.

14 mins

Continuing his focus on blood gas analysis, emergency veterinary surgeon Gerardo Poli discusses PCO2 levels and explains how to determine the cause of respiratory acidosis and alkalosis.

6 mins

Jane RVN delves into the 90-odd pages of the RCVS' much-anticipated Schedule 3 survey report and digs out a couple of the gems contained within its pages for closer inspection.

17 mins

In the third part of this series, Gerardo Poli explains how the direction of pH shift helps determine the primary disease process and whether a secondary disorder is also present.

9 mins

October 2017

Pumpkin carving may have provided the perfect diversion to being on call this weekend, but Jordan Sinclair is looking for inspiration on enjoying her free time while waiting for the telephone to ring…

13 mins

Nick Marsh ponders whether he should express his opposition when a client utters a prejudiced opinion he finds abhorrent or if it is best to stay silent.

19 mins

Gerardo Poli follows last week’s introduction of blood gas analysis by looking at acid-base disturbances – discussing acidaemia and alkalaemia, their clinical signs and buffering systems that help maintain normal blood pH levels.

5 mins