October 2019

Drawing on her own experience, JaneRVN explores the issue of taking time off when grieving for a pet, and how knowing yourself can help detemine whether being at work is feesable or a poor choice.

11 mins

September 2019

JaneRVN shines the spotlight on those who may get lost in the bigger picture of animal rescue, but play a major role in getting them to safety, no matter how crazy the environment in which they are found.

10 mins

In today's digital age of speedy media sharing, Jane Davidson stresses the importance of understanding how client identities can be revealed via putting pieces of information together, and of remembering your ABC – airway, breathing and consent.

17 mins

August 2019

Whether it's strategic storage techniques or attempting to fill every nook and cranny, some veterinary practices are often faced with a “square peg in round hole” situation for ensuring a practical layout.

13 mins

With life throwing the occasional curve ball, it is no surprise some turn to a five-year plan to help stay focused on their goals. Jane Davidson looks at how such a plan can apply to your career – specifically, for SVNs en route to becoming qualified.

10 mins

July 2019

Is telling a little white lie sometimes more important than honesty? Jane Davidson suggests it is – to ensure the welfare of not only an animal brought into practice, but also of the people involved…

21 mins

With Pride in London approaching, JaneRVN shares some fond and fun-filled memories of a much-loved and sorely missed colleague to explain why she is proud to be an “active ally”.

17 mins

June 2019

Jane Davidson explains the importance of reporting accidental needlestick injuries, and asks whether the avoidance of £1.32 per patient is worth a possible compensation claim worth thousands.

10 mins

Addressing a particularly divisive trend among pet owners, Jane Davidson wonders if the way people refer to their pets and their relationships with them is inappropriate, or not such a bad thing after all.

11 mins

May 2019

The value of a VN has been spoken of regularly, but have you ever considered how many skills and tasks make up the overall nursing role, and what this translate to in monetary terms? JaneRVN, with the help of a Parental Salary calculator, tots up the numbers...

11 mins

Uniquely positioned to advise and support the public on matters of animal welfare, the UK veterinary profession needs to be a strong and identifiable voice that rises above the noise on social media.

13 mins

April 2019

In her latest blog for Vet Times, JaneRVN lays out her job expansion plans for the coming months – including embracing her RCVS VN council calling.

20 mins

Jane Davidson asks whether more should be done to prepare clients for their pet’s hair loss post-surgery – using the example of Ollie the cat, documented on Twitter by her owners Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon.

15 mins

March 2019

Jane Davidson addresses the situations where clients call ”to see the male vet” instead of ”one of the young female vets”, and what the industry can do to tackle this line of thinking.

13 mins

Jane Davidson reveals the first rule of OSCE Club, which is a necessary step to creating some exam-worthy accessories.

10 mins

February 2019

Misplacing or being unable to spot things in front of them are the most common causes of "the Vet Look", says vet nurse Jane Davidson. But you don't need St Anthony or an eagle-eyed VN to help, it just requires a simple routine.

10 mins

Using images and words found on the internet for presentations or social media can seem like a quick solution. But Jane Davidson has a few words of warning for those unaware of the law and encourages the profession to lead the way for fair copyright use.

13 mins

January 2019

While mourning the passing of her wilful ward, RVN Jane Davidson recounts their time together as a warning to those considering the purchase of a brachycephalic breed due to their “cute” factor.

17 mins

Jane Davidson touches on and provides uncomplicated solutions to that moment when, while restraining a patient, the client steps too close and ends up accidentally stroking you.

12 mins

December 2018

In the run up to Christmas, RVN Jane Davidson challenges the traditional view of this time of year and suggests a few veterinary-specific definitions for festive phrases.

9 mins