November 2020

In the first of a two-parter, Nick Marsh looks at the role of lymphocytes and tries to figure out if, in pop culture terms, they're more Bridget Jones or Mickey and Mallory Knox... or a bit of both?

18 mins

Being told there was “no point in mixed vets anymore” just made blogger Jordan more determined to apply for jobs in this oft-maligned field. Here, she explains how mixed roles can benefit new grads.

18 mins

October 2020

In the third part of her series on access to veterinary education – with a focus on those from disadvantaged backgrounds – Jordan delves into the financial issues faced by postgraduate students.

Jordan Sinclair tackles the topic of how to attract students from disadvantaged backgrounds and, other than fuelling the fire at an early age, finds much of the problem still often comes down to money.

17 mins

Nick Marsh describes the COVID journey the veterinary profession has been on – from colleague cuts to muddled messages – and wonders how many other professions working through this crisis have also shared the same experience.

14 mins

September 2020

Nat Scroggie looks back over the past six months as she signs off - at least for now - from My COVID Diaries.

9 mins

Nat Scroggie describes her joy at taking part in a triathlon - her first organised event since lockdown began.

10 mins

It may have first aired 23 years before her birth, but the revival of All Creatures Great and Small has led Nat Scroggie to question whether it still influenced her career.

9 mins

Landing a coveted place at one of the UK's veterinary schools is tough at the best of times, but 2020 has proved particularly difficult – especially for those with the wrong postcode. Jordan Sinclair look at the options open to those who failed to earn a place this time round.

11 mins

Nick Marsh explains the difficulties he experienced as a working parent also attempting to educate his children during lockdown – and his feelings of relief at their eventual return to school.

20 mins

In her latest piece, Nat Scroggie recalls some valuable words from then-RCVS president (and former Vet Times columnist) Bradley Viner that still ring true…

9 mins

Having shone a light on the challenges faced by this year’s new grad vets, Jordan shifts her focus to students struggling to find EMS placements and how the profession can still help, despite COVID-19.

13 mins

In her latest COVID Diary, Nat Scroggie ponders whether the pandemic gave many the chance to assess their work.

9 mins

In her latest COVID diary, Nat Scroggie discusses the wedding day 2020 that wasn't.

9 mins

August 2020

Nat Scroggie takes another of her weekly looks at life in the new normal in this COVID Diary.

8 mins

Nat Scroggie explains how taking time out to indulge in a spot of butterfly counting mindfulness opened her eyes to the importance of nature.

9 mins

Thinking back to her own time as a new graduate, Jordan Sinclair offers some thoughts and advice to those going through the trauma of finding or starting their first job in the “new normal”.

13 mins

Nat Scroggie describes the difficulties in being able to read people when wearing masks, and how to perfect your “smize” to get around the problem.

13 mins

Jordan discusses the sinking feeling she encounters whenever a client asks: “What would you do if he was yours?” – and explains why, as a vet, she is unlikely to find herself in similar circumstances.

13 mins

July 2020

In her latest diary, Nat Scroggie advocates now is the perfect time to consider helping veterinary charities.

12 mins