March 2018

Drawing on experience from the consult room and a recent visit to Crufts, Jordan Sinclair discusses the ongoing uphill battle with some dog breeders.

16 mins

At graduation, Nick Marsh swore never to put himself through the stress of exams again. So why is it, 20 years on, he finds himself in a public library, desperately trying to cram information into his ageing brain?

18 mins

Curious about the proliferation of cat cafes, and concerned by the implications of forcing a group of notoriously territorial creatures into a shared environment, Jordan Sinclair drops in for a panini.

17 mins

February 2018

Having progressed to a more ordered career that makes more sense to him, Nick Marsh describes the “progression of compromises and juggling acts” that saw him move away from general practice.

13 mins

In response to Nick Marsh's tongue-in-cheek post on home visits, PawSquad offers an alternate view and explains how they enable vets to provide better, more personal care than they often can in practice.

13 mins

Never a huge fan of being on call, Nick Marsh focuses on the one aspect of this necessary evil he enjoys: the odd feeling of serenity that settles on him when alone in practice out-of-hours.

14 mins

January 2018

Nick Marsh shares his frustrating, scary and fascinating encounters when attending clients’ houses, explaining how people’s behaviour differs from when they are in a veterinary practice environment.

15 mins

Tonally challenged vet Nick Marsh recalls the evening he was terrorised by a “satanic creature” from the darkest pits of Hell and how he barely escaped with his sanity intact.

13 mins

December 2017

Tangerine or golf ball? Grape or marble? Whichever side of the divide you are, Nick Marsh did not realise it existed until starting his clinical pathology residency. So, which side are you?

12 mins

Questioning owners about their pets' symptoms and well-being is a daily task for vets, but how often do you apply this same process to your own health? Jordan Sinclair looks at the importance of doing both...

10 mins

Envious of his GP's digital patient call display, Nick Marsh looks to address a problem that has been a stumbling block of vets since time immemorial: how, exactly, do you call your client in?

20 mins

November 2017

It seems an operation tailor-made for job satisfaction, but for Nick Marsh it has led to a contempt for “torture breeding” that has grown since his first job in general practice...

16 mins

Nick Marsh highlights the crucial need to keep talking about mental health issues and offers his opinions as to why the veterinary profession, in particular, is plagued with this problem.

14 mins

October 2017

Nick Marsh ponders whether he should express his opposition when a client utters a prejudiced opinion he finds abhorrent or if it is best to stay silent.

19 mins

Many a client has told Nick Marsh it's a shame pets can't tell vets where it hurts. He's not so convinced, however…

13 mins

September 2017

Good things should happen to good people, and bad things should happen to bad people, opines Nick Marsh. However, in reality, life can be – and frequently is – a “bloody rotten bastard”.

13 mins

While uncertain of its description as "the hardest part of the job", Nick Marsh discusses how his thoughts on euthanasia have changed somewhat since his formative years in practice.

13 mins

August 2017

Mild-mannered veterinary surgeon Nick Marsh recounts two unusual situations from his time in practice when he nearly let his temper get the better of him.

24 mins

Nick Marsh worries the development of a “bonus culture” within corporate practices could lead to fewer people taking their pets to vets as fees rise.

20 mins

July 2017

Nick Marsh explains how his intense dislike of Mr Bell’s wondrous invention is fuelled by the cruel unpredictability of his arch nemesis – the practice telephone message book.

19 mins