October 2018

As CPD is mandatory for all vets, some new grads might find the concept overwhelming, especially when deciding which courses to complete. Thankfully, Jordan Sinclair has a few hints for those struggling to find their way.

15 mins

Whether its Morris dancing or slaying dragons, Nick Marsh highlights the importance of finding a hobby in your precious downtime instead of being slumped in front of the TV.

14 mins

September 2018

Whether you're still getting your head around cranial and caudal or you know your idiopathics from your iatrogenics, Nick Marsh is here to regale you with some of his favourite medical terms that are beautifully precise, concise and evocative.

12 mins

Nick Marsh takes a trip down memory lane to the long lost land of 1999 to discover if his contemporaries were indeed the “cheated generation”.

20 mins

Being an on call farm vet shouldn't all be stressful, there's many ways to make it much more manageable by finding a good place for your mobile telephone, having a sympathetic friend and conditioning your hair.

17 mins

Jordan Sinclair discusses the scope of significance vaccination appointments have for pets – annual events in every pet owner’s calendar that constitute so much more than a quick visit to the vets.

14 mins

August 2018

Kathryn Cowley's series about this condition continues with a focus on conveying the seriousness of OA to the client and ways to provide helpful information.

11 mins

Nick Marsh reflects on his time as a clinical director and, inspired by a scene from one of his favourite TV shows, ponders on whether the hassle is really worth it.

17 mins

Nick Marsh challenges comedian Jerry Seinfeld's observation that you can't make friends when you're older by revealing how a change of job improved his social circle.

16 mins

July 2018

Despite building up a “reputation for muppetry” during his university days, Nick Marsh recalls the hours spent finding ways to overcome his self-confessed lack of physical dexterity.

11 mins

Nick Marsh discusses what he learned after sampling pathology for a few years and how his ignorance of this side of veterinary life, plus a dose of Quincy, M.E., inspired him to find out more.

14 mins

June 2018

In this, the final post in his series on ethics, Nick Marsh asks if zoos really are the best way to educate on species conservation or if they are, when all said and done, more about money and entertainment.

24 mins

Three months into her latest veterinary job, Jordan Sinclair reflects on the differences between her first and second employer to explain just how important environment is for being able to excel and build in confidence as a new grad.

16 mins

Nick Marsh discusses the thorny issue of consent, and the lottery of being a pet and not being able to choose their human carer, especially as owners have different approaches to looking after animals – some less positive than others.

18 mins

May 2018

Despite it being a year since she graduated, Jordan Sinclair reflects on the past 12 months and why she still doesn't feel ready to stop referring to herself as a “new grad”.

10 mins

Nick Marsh continues his discussion on ethics by musing on the issue of animal testing, focusing on why inequality exists between animals of the same species and why humans aren't so special after all.

29 mins

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, Jordan Sinclair highlights on the importance of supporting colleagues who may be close to the edge and raising awareness of poor mental health in the profession, focusing on the overriding message – be kind.

11 mins

In the first of a series discussing ethical issues, Nick Marsh shares his thoughts, feelings and experiences of how poultry in particular is treated from a welfare perspective – and the hypocrisy often generated from both meat eaters and vegetarians.

26 mins

April 2018

Caught in a love-hate relationship with life's unpredictability, Nick Marsh shares his past work experiences in which fluctuation isn't just a medical term or events occur that you could set your watch to.

12 mins

With today’s graduates having a very real option to never have to work out-of-hours, Jordan Sinclair discusses potential reasons as to why some new vets are opting not to undertake it.

17 mins