January 2009

The Kennel Club Art Gallery’s next exhibition, The Golden Retriever in Art, opens on February … more

5 mins

December 2008

is the first country in the UK to publish guidance on the welfare of dogs, … more

10 mins

October 2008

A one-off test for bovine TB of allcattle herds in Wales begins today (October 1) … more

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September 2008

The number of cases of BSE and scrapie, included in a family of braindiseases called … more

6 mins

A FEW drinks over dinner led to a group of VNs getting naked and being … more

4 mins

A company has been set up to help veterinary practices – as well as businesses … more

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August 2008

VETERINARY nurse Helen Lower has successfully completed the Equine Veterinary Nursing qualification and becomes the … more

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PARASITIC research conducted at the University of Salford could save the lives of five per … more

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