Preventive health

Preventive health

Preventive health

From preventing disease through vaccination and worming, to the role of yard health plans and engaging owners.

Equine worming protocols: advice to share with owners and yards

Jacqui Matthews BVMS, PhD, FRSB, FRSE, FRCVS, offers practical points for veterinarians to offer to clients, including anthelmintic resistance messages.

57 mins
Ending the nightmare of strangles

Andrew S Waller outlines how this disease is spread around liveries and how veterinarians can help to eradicate it using new medicines.

30 mins
Equine parasitology: an update on diagnostics and treatment options

Jacqueline Matthews discusses how to test for – and treat – common parasitic infections in horses.

40 mins
Vaccination – horses that will benefit and persuading owners

Victoria Colgate and Richard Newton discuss barriers to vaccine uptake among owners.

Resistance in equine practice

Zoë Gratwick explains how and why professionals should work with owners to prevent this burgeoning one health issue.

51 mins
Strangles: overview and vaccination

A bacterial equid disease predominately of the upper respiratory tract, strangles biosecurity and identifying infectious horses are key to preventing it. Development of a novel vaccine has added to the equine vet’s toolbox – as Philip Ivens explains.

20 mins
Summer allergies: readying owners and yards for prevention

Jamie Prutton outlines common conditions in horses, and how to test for and treat them.

31 mins
Best practice for worming and anthelmintic resistance

David Rendle outlines how veterinary professionals, and clients, can treat and reduce these common parasitic infections in horses.

41 mins
Strangles: an old acquaintance that’s still not fully understood

Leticia Macias Bricio describes clinical signs, diagnosis and disease prevention, as well as outbreak management and surveillance efforts.

75 mins
Are we prepared for African horse sickness?

While currently a low risk to the UK, an outbreak of this virus would have severe consequences. With that in mind, Mathhew Robin explains the control plans in place and considers the UK’s ability to implement it if required.

21 mins
Update on equine worming

Laura Peachey discusses treatment and management of parasite burdens, including latest resistance guidance, in horses.

28 mins
Equine vaccination: what, when and how

Fleur Whitlock and Richard Newton discuss the effective use of this preventive measure against endemic and emerging infectious diseases.

37 mins
Helping horse owners minimise parasitic disease risk in animals

With three-quarters of horse owners wanting to know more about preventive health care, according to one survey, opportunities for vets to provide more information do exist. In this piece, Zoë Gratwick provides practical advice that can be passed on to horse owners on parasite prevention.

28 mins
Summer allergies – getting ready for arrival of seasonal ills in...

Imogen Johns discusses conditions that can cause significant welfare issues in affected horses, with a look at clinical signs, treatment and prevention.

29 mins
Equine atopic dermatitis – latest on diagnosis and management

Janet Littlewood discusses the second most common allergic skin disease in horses, which can present a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge.

35 mins
Equine parasitic disease: prevention, treatment and worming strategies

Adele Williams covers considerations for equine parasite control, taking into account what is currently known about anthelmintic resistance in UK equine parasites.

42 mins
Preventive health: key messages and effective ways to deliver them

Adele Williams looks at some of the most important aspects of preventive medicine, with particular emphasis on vaccination and parasite control.

49 mins
Sweet itch and allergies: spring and summer treatment options

Jamie Prutton discusses insect bite hypersensitivity and atopic dermatitis and equids, and options for controlling the seasonal ills.

21 mins
Caring for geriatric equids

Nicola Menzies-Gow discusses issues that may arise with older horses, including aspects of nutrition and common diseases.

60 mins
Getting ahead of equine health: how to be more proactive in...

Zoë Gratwick runs through some of the considerations for adopting a more preventive approach to equine veterinary health care.

25 mins