March 2014

When building a purpose-built veterinary practice, many issues have to be considered, from finding the … more

21 mins

December 2013

• There is an unprecedented shift in the responsibility of taxation affairs when someone decides to … more

17 mins

• Purchasing equipment is clearly not an inexpensive proposition and there is rarely a good time … more

11 mins

October 2013

The cost of running a veterinary practice is certainly not getting any cheaper, and many … more

7 mins

September 2013

For many, buying a veterinary practice is a hard-earned dream, but can be a daunting … more

8 mins

Hazlewoods uses its regular contact with the associations to anticipate developments in veterinary practice, and … more

9 mins

February 2013

“WE cannot go on like this!” – this was the headline in The Times as the old … more

14 mins

December 2012

Businesses, as well as individuals, are prime targets for fraudsters. Unless pre-emptive action is taken, … more

19 mins

February 2012

When people are grieving for the loss of a relative, friend or business partner, it … more

17 mins

June 2011

There is a tendency for practices to buy the latest kit before truly assessing its … more

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