Dental radiograph showing periodontal disease in a 2-year-old cat.
A dental radiograph showing periodontal disease in a 2-year-old cat (note bone loss), by mariposavet. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr.

If I am being perfectly honest, dentistry has never filled me with excitement.

That said, attending a number of sessions on dentistry at the North American Veterinary Conference this year was fascinating and convinced me of the value of buying a dental x-ray machine.

Goldstein (2015), to name but one speaker, evaluated the use of radiography in assessing dental conditions in cats and convinced me of the need.

In another talk the value in assessing canine lesions was discussed (Lewis, 2015) – definitely something to bring up at our practice’s next clinical effectiveness meeting.

Goldstein, G.S. (2015). Dental pathology case presentations, clinical and radiology: interactice discussion of what’s new, North American Veterinary Conference, Orlando 2015.

Lewis, J.R. (2015). Interpreting canine dental radiographs: learning what you were never taught, North American Veterinary Conference, Orlando 2015.

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