David Beeston

Biography Picture - Dave BeestonDavid Beeston BVetMed(Hons), MRCVS, is a 2017 RVC graduate with a keen interest in quality improvement, decision making and internal medicine.
After spending 18 months in a busy small animal, first opinion practice, he is returning to the RVC to pursue a rotating internship.

July 2020

In his latest Practice makes Perfect, Dave Beeston reflects on intern life and how he's ready for the next challenge.

27 mins

June 2020

Reflecting on his journey, David Beeston offers five tips for students about to take the plunge into practice life.

34 mins

Dave Beeston offers his thoughts on his experiences during the pandemic in his latest Practice Makes Perfect column.

31 mins

April 2020

Dave Beeston, in his latest Practice Makes Perfect, reflects on some of the best and least enjoyable aspects of his internship journey.

29 mins

March 2020

In his latest Practice Makes Perfect column, Dave reflects on his internship, why it was a good idea for him, and how it could be a good one for you, too.

33 mins

In his latest article, Dave Beeston writes about one of his proudest moments of the year so far.

21 mins

January 2020

Dave Beeston, BVetMed(Hons), MRCVS, reflects on his first foray into teaching, presenting a session as a member of the RVC staff.

21 mins

December 2019

Dave Beeston reflects on the busiest shift of his internship so far where, despite the best laid plans, he was met with a wave of emergencies, euthanasia and emotion. However, a great sense of achievement resulted – thanks to endurance and determination.

25 mins

November 2019

Having settled into his RVC Queen Mother Hospital for Animals internship, in this, the final of a two-part article, Dave Beeston recalls his first month as an intern.

27 mins

October 2019

Having embarked on an RVC Queen Mother Hospital for Animals internship, Dave Beeston shares the highs and lows from his initial weeks – the déjà vu, the self-doubt and the determination to succeed.

22 mins

September 2019

As regular Veterinary Times contributor Dave Beeston takes the next step on his career path as an intern at the RVC, he reflects on what he learned during his time as a locum and hopes he can carry those lessons forward into his new role.

31 mins

August 2019

Dave Beeston writes about some paraclinical and non-veterinary-specific adventures that have made him more self-aware…

27 mins

July 2019

David Beeston has decided it's time for a new challenge and has embarked on a new career venture working as a locum vet. He recounts his first day…

26 mins

June 2019

David Beeston discusses the idea of removing the stigma around making mistakes and the key role veterinary nurses can play in quality improvement.

29 mins

David Beeston shares his experiences as a no-longer-new-but-recent graduate in his latest Practice Makes Perfect column.

29 mins

May 2019

David Beeston discusses implementation of morbidity and mortality conferences and the value of daily rounds in his latest column for Veterinary Times.

27 mins

April 2019

David Beeston reflects on some challenging cases, which have reminded him of how much he still has to learn.

33 mins

March 2019

In his latest Practice Makes Perfect column, David Beeston covers one of the biggest issues facing veterinary and medical health care professionals – making mistakes.

34 mins

January 2019

Regular Veterinary Times contributor David Beeston – a first opinion small animal general practitioner, who documented his transition from student to new grad through his monthly column, Grad Expectations – now shares his experiences as a no-longer-new-but-recent graduate.

24 mins

September 2018

David Beeston reflects on his first year in practice in his final Grad Expectations column, including the ups and downs of first procedures, on-call and client interactions.

32 mins

August 2018

David Beeston explains how some of his most rewarding veterinary experiences have happened during out-of-hours shifts. Includes video content.

In his latest Grad Expectations column, David Beeston shares his experiences of preparing his CV and suggests some key areas to focus on to appeal to veterinary practices.

28 mins

July 2018

David Beeston has some advice for graduating vets on what to look for in their first veterinary position.

34 mins

June 2018

Grad Expectations columnist David Beeston attended BSAVA Congress as a qualified vet for the first time, and explains how the four-day extravaganza left him spoilt for choice.

23 mins

May 2018

Six months in to his full-time veterinary career, David Beeston takes a step back and thinks about how far he has come.

28 mins

April 2018

Grad Expectations' David Beeston recounts some of the experiences from his first weekend on call.

27 mins

March 2018

New grad David Beeston returns to his trip to Zimbabwe and some of the weird, wacky and wonderful experiences he encountered in his time volunteering in Africa.

25 mins

February 2018

In his latest Grad Expectations column, David Beeston looks back on his week in Zimbabwe delivering a vaccination and neuter clinic for domestic dogs.

30 mins

January 2018

Our new grad David Beeston has some advice for qualified vets on approaching out-of-hours for the first time – and why he's looking forward to his next night on call.

23 mins

December 2017

His first day as a veterinary surgeon may have been under his belt, but David Beeston still has the rest of the working week to go yet.

29 mins