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Tributes have been paid to one of the most influential veterinary surgeons of his generation.

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Veterinary surgeon Nigel Charles Hough has been reprimanded for failing to adequately communicate with clients in relation to the care of their dog and speaking disparagingly about other vets.

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The disciplinary committee of the RCVS has reprimanded a Slough-based veterinary surgeon after finding him guilty of failing to provide adequate care for a dog.

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VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard, in a first for this series, hears from a nurse whose career has spanned not one but three countries.

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The use of antibiotics and probiotics in acute and chronic diarrhoea in small animals is controversial. Even the correct definition of a probiotic in the context of veterinary medicine can be challenging.

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In this article, Hany Elsheikha discusses the most common equine parasitic infections and the current options for their management, with emphasis on the importance of horse owner education and engagement.

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