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"In the busy depths of a farm practice in the midst of ‘spring madness’, it can be forgiven it was slow to dawn on the staff these two situations may be connected." An anonymous veterinary profession recounts a case of mail mayhem.

7 mins

A reagent is under investigation that negates the need for antibodies raised in small animals and instead uses the protein integrin αvβ6 to bind the FMD virus in samples.

4 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli tackles another topic in unusual pets in her latest Exotic Encounters column.

22 mins

VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard, in a first for this series, hears from a nurse whose career has spanned not one but three countries.

19 mins

In September's VN Voice, Natalie Franks, SVN at Anglia Ruskin University, talks about the initial year on her degree course.

8 mins

In an announcement unveiled at BEVA Congress in Birmingham last week, Rossdales Laboratories is to be the new name for Beaufort Cottage Laboratories.

2 mins