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Ceri Owen, Nigel Kendall, Fiona Lovatt and Marnie Brennan reveal findings from a questionnaire into sheep farmers’ recognition and utilisation of body condition scoring.

12 mins

Farmers who don’t treat their animals to avoid sheep scab could be making the most economically sensible decision, University of Bristol research suggests.

4 mins

Adam Martin describes how modern techniques have answered beef suckler farmers’ concerns about using artificial insemination.

21 mins

Carolina Arenas explains the investigative, treatment and follow-up protocols carried out in a miniature schnauzer emergency case

31 mins

Keith Warner reports on Defra’s prevention measures and advice following bird flu outbreaks.

13 mins

Nadia Wiseman and Livia Benato look at caring for this prey species while at the clinic and provide a stress-free environment to help give them a better chance to progress and fully recover.

24 mins