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Marge Chandler discusses the importance of fibre in the diet of dogs and cats, looking at types of fibre and the positive and negative effects they can have on pets’ health.

27 mins

Louise Silk discusses control strategy options for endoparasites and ectoparasites that affect beef and dairy herds.

23 mins

Richard Wall advises on the best time of year to tackle myiasis in the UK sheep industry and methods of treatment.

25 mins

Mike Taylor describes the damaging effects of Coccidia on farms and suggests methods for prevention and control.

21 mins

Veterinary professionals will be able to learn about the range of research conducted by AHDB Beef and Lamb at a forthcoming event.

4 mins

Maria Siaz and David Walker discuss some of the most common hepatobiliary disorders in cats and dogs, focusing on identification and the various treatment options available.

32 mins