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The National Equine Forum (NEF) will be celebrating its 25th event on 2 March at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London.

4 mins

The BVA and the British Veterinary Poultry Association are urging backyard poultry keepers to protect flocks from avian influenza by using practical biosecurity steps.

6 mins

The UK’s CVO has confirmed H5N8 avian flu in a small backyard flock near Settle in North Yorkshire.

4 mins

Defra extends zone to end of February following confirmation of avian influenza H5N8 in a backyard flock of chickens and ducks in Wales.

5 mins

Animal welfare laws should be improved or maintained after the UK leaves the EU according to the majority of respondents to an RSPCA survey.

4 mins

The BVA and its divisions extend new year’s greetings to colleagues across profession in languages of the EU's 27 member states.

2 mins