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Registration opens for VN student training congress

Registration has opened for a two-day congress aimed at clinical coaches and trainers of student … more

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BVA reaction to autumn statement Defra cuts

BVA president Sean Wensley has given a guarded response to the chancellor’s Spending Review and … more

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Event will discuss future of hunting act

A symposium on “Hunting – a noble tradition or unconscionable cruelty?” is to be held … more

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VET Trust CPD awards for 2016 open

Applications are being invited for the 2016 VET Trust CPD awards scheme. Each year VET … more

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TV vet becomes first APBC patron

TV vet and broadcaster Mark Evans has become the first patron of The Association of … more

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Survey to gather breeder opinion on health testing

The Kennel Club (KC) and BVA have launched a survey to gather views on health … more

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Can you guarantee your clients will give antibiotics responsibly? Poor compliance is likely to compromise … more

Find out more about the different dry off methods and their impact on udder health, … more

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An update to lymphoma in dogs

Lymphoma is a neoplasm arising from the malignant transformation of lymphocytes. Generally, this is a … more

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Bilateral upper eyelid coloboma in a cat: surgical treatment

A recently rehomed kitten presented with multiple ocular abnormalities, most notably bilateral upper eyelid agenesis. … more

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Examination Room: Stephanie Johnston

NAME: Stephanie Johnston AGE: 28. QUALIFICATIONS: PhD, BVMS. POSITION: Veterinary surgeon. BRIEF CV: I studied veterinary medicine … more

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Genomics and fertility at Irish cattle conference

The Cattle Association of Veterinary Ireland (CAVI) conference was held in Mullingar right in the … more

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Controversies and practicalities of human toxocarosis control

ABSTRACT Toxocara species are a group of intestinal nematodes infecting dogs (T canis) and cats … more

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Managing tortoise shell injuries

Shell injury is one of the most common reasons for a tortoise to be presented … more

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Obesity: a metabolic time bomb

Yikes – obesity is the now the most common nutritional disorder in companion animals. It … more

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Treating infections in pigs

This article looks at commonly encountered infectious issues found in pigs in the smallholder environment … more

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Health care and welfare of elderly companion animals

With the elderly pet population increasing and, for some practices, providing up to 60% of … more

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