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The RCVS has today announced the results of its 2016 RCVS council and VN council elections.

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Tickets are on sale for BEVA Congress 2016, with association members registering before 4 August being offered "significant" discounts.

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A survey to measure profitability levels across UK veterinary practices and provide a benchmark to assess their performance against has been launched by SPVS.

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RCVS Knowledge has announced a range of bursaries available for its Veterinary Evidence Today conference, which will be held in Edinburgh from 1-3 November.

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Two veterinary profession members completed the 26.2-mile London Marathon on 24 April, raising vital funds for charity.

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Ceva Animal Health has launched a pheromone to help with feline aggression and fighting in multi-cat households.

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Our knowledge of ticks and tick borne diseases is growing, but so are the risks. Get informed and find out how you can fight against ticks now.

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Ear infections are among the top 10 reasons dogs are presented to vets, but treating otitis externa can be a challenge.

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Jonathan Anderson discusses the range of tendon injuries that can lead to a loss of potential in performance horses, as well as various therapies that help reduce recovery time.

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My blogging career has been kind to me. As well as being invited to express my opinions, for what they are worth, on this website twice a month, I receive intermittent offers to write blogs for companies or to cover pet-based events.

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On 26 April 2015, disaster struck Nepal in the most devastating way – leading to unimaginable losses and the tragic deaths of almost 9,000 people.

6 mins

David Rendle discusses hypoglycin toxicity as a more apt name for atypical myopathy, due to the condition being better defined, plus diagnosis and treatment strategies.

44 mins

The first of April brought with it the usual abundance of amusing online articles, tweets and blogs, only claiming credibility until midday – and the veterinary community was no exception.

9 mins

Shasta Lynch outlines the more common types of lymphoma in cats and explains recommended treatment options.

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