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Veterinary-owned CPD webinar provider The Webinar Vet has been named Echo Knowledge Business of the Year at the Liverpool Echo Regional Business Awards.

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Within hours of the official announcement Britain had voted to leave the EU, two veterinary associations have released statements.

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Cheshire-based Northwest Surgeons is offering two free webinars to support the launch of its oncology service.

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SPVS/VPMA will be hosting a CPD event in Milton Keynes aimed at consulting veterinary nurses.

3 mins

Veterinary professionals will be able to learn crime scene investigation (CSI) techniques via a series of veterinary forensic science and animal CSI CPD courses from Vetacademy.

3 mins

Staff at a Dorset veterinary surgery are challenging other UK practices to match their donation to raise money for a worthy charity.

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Ear infections are among the top 10 reasons dogs are presented to vets, but treating otitis externa can be a challenge.

6 mins

Lyme disease is relatively new but growing threat for both pets and people in the UK. Get independent up-to-date information here to help you tackle this.

41 mins

Our knowledge of ticks and tick borne diseases is growing, but so are the risks. Get informed and find out how you can fight against ticks now.

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There’s a horrible moment we’ve all experienced – a nasty creeping sensation as it slowly dawns on you someone, somewhere has made a terrible mistake...

20 mins

Like most RVNs, I like a good clean. This is never at home though, obviously – it's all about a sparkling work place. I love to smell disinfectant and have everything shiny, especially a ward.

9 mins

Jordi Lopez-Alvarez recalls the case of a seven-week-old cocker spaniel puppy that presented with a fast heart rate, before discussing how a patent ductus arteriosus develops.

28 mins

Keith Baxter discusses therapeutic and preventive options around this udder disease that affects dairy cattle and is particularly prevalent in warmer weather conditions.

15 mins

Registered users can now read the first part of Nick Marsh's brand new book, "Once Bitten: The adventures and misadventures of a young veterinary surgeon".

9 mins

Sara Pedersen considers how different types of clostridial disease attack these animals – resulting in a usually fatal outcome – and the utilisation of control strategies.

32 mins

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