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Steps are being taken to protect the status of EU vets and vet nurses living and working in the UK following the result of the EU referendum.

3 mins

Pioneering vets at Davies Veterinary Specialists have teamed up with human doctors to use a cutting edge technique to cure dogs with life-threatening heart conditions.

5 mins

A book hailed “the most popular veterinary reference guide in the southern hemisphere” is now available to purchase in the UK.

4 mins

Boehringer Ingelheim has introduced a new formulation of its market-leading large animal NSAID.

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A two-day course aimed at helping vets and VNs who graduated abroad prepare for UK practice life has been confirmed for September.

3 mins

Aspiring vets from across the UK and Europe will soon get a taste of veterinary medicine via a short course in Wales.

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Babesiosis is an emerging threat to UK pets. Make sure you get the latest independent information here to help you tackle this.

38 mins

The threat from ticks and tick-borne diseases is changing. Get the latest independent information here.

51 mins

Lyme disease is relatively new but growing threat for both pets and people in the UK. Get independent up-to-date information here to help you tackle this.

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Author Nick Marsh is proud of his achievements as a vet, but admits to his one major professional failing – his inability, and reluctance, to play the salesman.

13 mins

Emma Holmes and Phil Elkins offer guidance on clinical manifestations of fasciolosis, followed by various treatment and control measures to minimise the impact of this parasite on UK farms.

20 mins

Emma Gerrard looks at the aetiology, investigation and treatment regarding FLUTD, as well as the vital role nurses can play in educating owners on prevention strategies.

24 mins

Hany Elsheikha looks at reasons behind poor compliance among owners when adopting helminth treatment protocols for their pets and proposes some solutions for VNs to action

29 mins

Maria Siaz and David Walker discuss some of the most common hepatobiliary disorders in cats and dogs, focusing on identification and the various treatment options available.

32 mins

Alex Gough runs the rule over latest studies and findings in veterinary medicine for dogs.

13 mins

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