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Welsh badger vaccination project suspended due to BCG shortage

Deputy minister for farming and food Rebecca Evans has announced due to a global shortage … more

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Canines ranked top dog in UK pets survey

A Churchill pet insurance survey has shown twice the number of UK adults prefer dogs … more

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Charity suspends rehoming to prevent pet presents at Christmas

The SSPCA will stop rehoming baby animals over the festive period in a bid to … more

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Pet owner excuse campaign hammers home responsibility message

A list of excuses pet owners have given when handing their pet over to Dogs … more

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Ceva launches treatment for hypertension in cats

Ceva Animal Health has launched a cat-friendly amlodipine to treat hypertension in cats. Amodip, the … more

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Neuter cats to prevent FIV infection, says PDSA

The PDSA is calling for more cat owners to get their pets neutered to protect … more

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Find out more about the different dry off methods and their impact on udder health, … more

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Can you guarantee your clients will give antibiotics responsibly? Poor compliance is likely to compromise … more

Referral decisions: time to start mixing the right solutions

Imagine a dog’s owners have a problem with their beloved Ranger. This could be a long-standing … more

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A shorthand guide to conflict resolution

No matter how good you, your practice and your people are you will occasionally encounter an … more

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System addicts – the future of computerised practice management

Your practice management system (PMS) is most effective when used as an information provider rather than … more

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Employee monitoring: Big Brother – or just asking for big bother?

Employers want to know what their employees are doing at work. From a purely practical … more

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Conference discusses Mycoplasma, calving and rural development plan

This is the second article from the Cattle Association of Veterinary Ireland (CAVI) conference, held … more

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Rabbit health and welfare: management and treatment

As testament to their adaptability and endearing nature, rabbits have successfully made the transition from … more

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Complication rate in traumatic pad injuries

Pad injuries are a common problem in primary practice. A study by Hansen et al1 … more

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Nutrition of elderly horses

Nutritional advice is frequently sought by owners of horses and ponies when discussing various medical … more

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An update to lymphoma in dogs

Lymphoma is a neoplasm arising from the malignant transformation of lymphocytes. Generally, this is a … more

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