Elanco Animal Health

This podcast, brought to you by Advocate from Elanco, hears Vet Times’ Paul Imrie in conversation with Jenny Helm, who has an active research interest in Angiostrongylus vasorum.

5 mins

Paul Imrie talks with parasitologist Ian Wright about the dangers of lungworm, including the increasing prevelance of Angiostrongylus vasorum in the UK, as well as treatment and prevention.

Galliprant is a piprant and works differently from traditional NSAIDs. Find out which dogs will benefit from the targeted action the most.

1 mins

It’s important that chicken owners worm their hens at least four times a year to maintain optimal health and welfare, which in turn will support their egg laying ability.

5 mins

Voted for by vets, Elanco’s first-in-class OA treatment has won the Veterinary Marketing Association’s award for best new product 2019.

Webinar looks at how best to promote intestinal integrity in piglet populations through husbandary and health interventions.

9 mins

Would your cat owners prefer giving a tablet?

8 mins

Professor Duncan Lascelles describes a new approach to managing canine osteoarthritis (OA) and introduces a new way to target canine OA pain.

10 mins

Research scientist and development manager Sophie Forster explains the innovative science behind Osurnia; the otitis externa treatment which applies like a liquid and stays within the ear as a gel.

3 mins

Anna Jackson BVetMed CertVD MRCVS, veterinary technical team manager at Elanco Animal Health, explores how to treat a common problem that can be difficult to manage.

15 mins

With just two doses, one week apart, a first line treatment that you can prescribe with confidence for your otitis externa* cases.

10 mins

Ear infections are among the top 10 reasons dogs are presented to vets, but treating otitis externa can be a challenge.

6 mins