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Eight-year-old St Bernard on the road to recovery after vets at Paragon Referrals removed four soggy teddy bears from its stomach.

3 mins

Veterinary management expert Bash Halow will outline emerging challenges and opportunities when he addresses delegates at the annual debate in Westminster.

4 mins

Organisers of outdoor CPD conference this June have lined up a "wellness hub" and stream of sessions to improve veterinary resilience, communication, nutrition and sleep.

4 mins

VN Futures-themed evening will explore work flexibility from employer perspective and benefits of job sharing, followed by a panel discussion.

5 mins

Organisations join forces to relay “prevention is better than cure” message to 80 million pet-owning households on World Animal Vaccination Day.

5 mins

During her lecture at BSAVA Congress, Vetlife Helpline manager Rosie Allister stressed the importance of seeking support in first jobs and how a lack of it can be the root cause of many problems.

7 mins

The six-week call for evidence seeks views on how the Government might raise standards of animal welfare during transport after the UK leaves the EU.

7 mins

The UK's biggest out-of-hours veterinary provider has launched an “angel fund” to allow its clinicians to provide emergency care to critically ill patients.

5 mins

Following on from the success of the Big Tick Project, MSD Animal Health is urging practices to get involved in its new Big Flea Project.

5 mins


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Abdominal ultrasound, pt 2: optimising image quality

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After an exhausting but fulfilling weekend in Birmingham, Jane looks back at a BSAVA Congress that saw her speak about vlogging, launch an environmental initiative and manage to avoid falling in the canal.

With today’s graduates having a very real option to never have to work out-of-hours, Jordan Sinclair discusses potential reasons as to why some new vets are opting not to undertake it.

From groundbreaking bionic surgery to late-night calvings riddled with risks, TV offers the public an insight into the everyday lives of vets – but are these shows in danger of being detrimental to the profession?

16 mins

In the final part of this series, Gerardo Poli looks at how to perform ultrasounds in a systematic manner.

There’s no shame in making money from the veterinary profession. This fact, however, doesn’t negate the feeling of guilt when turning away clients who can’t afford treatment for their pets, says Nick Marsh.

It may be personal, it may be 'unspoken', but Jane Davidson is throwing down the gauntlet on the biological and emotional roller coaster that is hormones, and how, for female RVNs, they have a lot to answer for...

“All the world’s a stage,” wrote Shakespeare – so Jordan Sinclair offers tips for new graduates to turn the consult room into their stage and win the trust of clients, despite lacking experience.

Gerardo Poli offers step-by-step instructions – in the form of a video tutorial – to help optimise your ultrasound image quality. He looks specifically at which functions to adjust first, and discusses which settings will be better under certain situations.

veterinary content

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James Breen and Katherine Fitzgerald describe approaches to preventing and controlling disease in the herd to improve welfare and farm profitability.

34 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses a microsporidian parasite with a worldwide distribution – and zoonotic potential – that may infect several mammalian species.

27 mins

Peter Edmondson, in his fifth report, summarises the Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference session on body language.

11 mins

Sarah Caney discusses effective ways of identifying this condition in cats and management strategies that can slow its progression.

34 mins

An update on three main causes of foot disease in sheep, looking at its diagnosis, control and treatment.

25 mins

Grad Expectations' David Beeston recounts some of the experiences from his first weekend on call.

27 mins

Alex Gough takes a look at a number of papers in small animal veterinary medicine in his Research Review from VT48.15.

22 mins

Several drugs are available for managing psychiatric disorders in small animals. Sagi Denenberg discusses why knowledge of these drugs – including applications, pharmacokinetics and side effects – is paramount when treating patients.

29 mins

nursing content

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Wendy Sneddon discusses ways of preventing intimidating behaviour between colleagues in the workplace, highlighting to key decision-makers the fact this type of conduct does not necessarily only happen in the school playground.

18 mins

Ian Wright details the clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment and control of Bartonella species infections in feline patients, as well as precautions nurses should take when in contact with infected patients and advising owners on how to reduce the risk of exposure.

39 mins

With April being National Pet Month, BVNA council member and RVN Gareth McCormack discusses the importance of sharing preventive health advice with pet owners.

8 mins

Dan Skeldon looks at common ailments geriatric feline and canine patients can present with in practice, as well as treatment methods.

32 mins

In her latest column, Louise discusses the many considerations required for dealing with patients with bleeding disorders.

6 mins

With research suggesting many vets are concerned with clients’ use of the internet for their pet’s health care needs, Louise Buckley ponders whether engagement with their search interests would strengthen vet-owner relationships.

28 mins

Kirsty Cavill BSc(Hons), RVN, summarises a lecture she was invited to undertake as part of the annual Cornish Veterinary Association's CPD day OA stream.

15 mins

Helen Rooney BSc(Hons), CVN, CertED, DipAVN(Medical), CertVNECC, RVN, uses her experience as an owner of a diabetic cat to help VNs understand the importance of discussion and management of this chronic condition (reviewed by Jemma Thorogood RVN).

37 mins

business content

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Old foes and emerging tick threats are putting the pet population at increasing risk. Parasitologist Ian Wright looks at what veterinary practices can do and recommend to help tackle ticks and fight fleas – both at home and for travelling pets.

23 mins

With a recent report suggesting overweight cats, dogs and rabbits will soon outnumber healthy-sized pets, there's benefits to be gained all round for those prepared to address this growing problem.

18 mins

In the second part of her groundbreaking series, Liz Barton discusses preparing for the ups and downs of delivery and the perinatal period.

26 mins

The best things often come to those who wait – and, as VBJ discovered during a rare visit to south London, that has certainly been true for The London Animal Hospital in Camberwell.

6 mins

Tempted to discount? Can’t see where to tap into new revenue streams? When it comes to growing your business in the right way and at the right speed, Ernie Ward recalls he has been there, done that and got the T-shirt…

26 mins

Senior clinics allow clients to receive friendly and professional advice regarding the welfare of their pets. RVN Louise Olley explains how these clinics can be used to educate owners about their elderly pets – and increase footfall to your practice.

19 mins

While data reveals 57% of new graduates were female in 1994, fast forward 20 years and that disparity had increased significantly, with women making up more than three quarters of graduate output. It doesn’t take a statistical genius to conclude that in a few decades time the vast majority of the veterinary profession – at all levels and locations – will be staffed by women…

48 mins

Sally Clarke, director of vets, provides an overview of how Simplyhealth Professionals help practices make the most of their membership.

22 mins

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