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“Practice made perfect” was the theme at the company's sixth annual event, held in Kenilworth.

4 mins

Association fears publication of new technical notices underlines how a no-deal situation could put strain on large and crucial sections of veterinary workforce. 

6 mins

Manufacturers claim the tuberculin gun is easier to use and offers a significant cost-saving opportunity for practices.

4 mins

“It is very uncommon such an incredible leap in the care of animals can be achieved with a single innovation” – Dan Chan, medical director of the RVC Queen Mother Hospital for Animals.

4 mins

Jade Statt and Sam Joseph are the latest recipients of the Prime Minister’s Points of Light award, which recognises outstanding volunteers who are making a change in their community.

4 mins

Vets and farmers placed on alert after two animals imported from France were found to have the virus. Both animals have been culled and movement restrictions are in place.

3 mins

Sebastian Batchelor was first Briton home in a world-class field competing in the punishing “Skyrunning Championships” in Scotland.

3 mins

Eravac is now indicated for the prevention of rabbit haemorrhagic disease type 2 for pet rabbits.

2 mins

Following on from its launch last year, the second event for vets and nurses – held in Bath on 20 and 21 September – proved popular with delegates and exhibitors.

5 mins


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Practice Profile: Mochdre Veterinary Practice

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Whether you're still getting your head around cranial and caudal or you know your idiopathics from your iatrogenics, Nick Marsh is here to regale you with some of his favourite medical terms that are beautifully precise, concise and evocative.

In an evocative piece, communication coach Katherine Eitel Belt – a speaker at BSAVA Congress 2018 – outlines the characteristics that make for a great leader.

30 mins

Jane Davidson asks, despite those in the profession playing a bigger role, why IV placement is deemed the “headline act” for a vet nurse's skill set?

While vet work can be mentally and physically draining, Jordan Sinclair suggests taking time out of your day to recall the good moments you may be taking for granted.

Finishing university is rewarding as you finally have something to show for your hard work, but what if you don't where do you go? Gerardo Poli has a few suggestions for graduates unsure of their options.

Nick Marsh takes a trip down memory lane to the long lost land of 1999 to discover if his contemporaries were indeed the “cheated generation”.

Jane Davidson reflects on what she considers the biggest challenge when working at a new practice – finding where the needles are kept.

Being an on call farm vet shouldn't all be stressful, there's many ways to make it much more manageable by finding a good place for your mobile telephone, having a sympathetic friend and conditioning your hair.

17 mins

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Sophie Mahendran looks at important nematodes that affect dairy cows, their life cycles and worming protocols.

32 mins

Mathilde Granger discusses management, care and rehabilitation considerations when dealing with traumatic brain injuries.

31 mins

Francesco Cian discusses the case of a 1.5-year-old female crossbreed dog imported from eastern Europe in his latest Cytology Corner.

7 mins

Robert Cook discusses whether the use of this tack by riders causes behavioural issues and how to resolve any problems that arise.

34 mins

Chanticleer casts a weather eye over more subjects, and their parallels to the veterinary world.

18 mins

In an evocative piece, communication coach Katherine Eitel Belt – a speaker at BSAVA Congress 2018 – outlines the characteristics that make for a great leader.

30 mins

Jenny Walton explains how a transfusion service from Pet Blood Bank UK can prove vital to the health of newborn camelids.

14 mins

A change in circumstances led Mike Rhodes to consider going solo, and ophthalmology service Focus Referrals was born. Here, the European and RCVS specialist outlines the choices he made and why it's proved a win-win.

20 mins

nursing content

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Marge Chandler details the core benefits these live organisms can have on small animal pet health, including on specific diseases.

69 mins

Kicking off a new article series seeking out the vast and varied work of RVNs, we hear from one nurse’s “incredible” time in India.

20 mins

This month we team up with MSD Animal Health and are joined by Kayleigh Williams RVN, who ponders the problems flea, tick and worm infestations pose – and how she tackles them.

9 mins

In her final column, Louise gives advice on anaesthetising septic patients – from planning to implementing protocols.

23 mins

Dan Skeldon details options regarding mobility-aiding drugs, supplements and therapies for treating canine and feline patients.

42 mins

Alison Young, RVN, explains how planning, communication, coordination, training and knowledge, teamwork and evaluation can be used by everyone to improve the flow of surgical patients.

28 mins

Gavin Goldsbrough first stepped into Westway Veterinary Group's Eden Hills branch in County Durham as an 18-year-old student on work placement. Five years later, not only is he a qualified RVN, but holds a bachelor of science in veterinary nursing, too. Holly Kernot finds out more...

5 mins

Holly Kernot finds out about clinical nurse lead Lucy Montague’s journey, how she helps colleagues map their career path and her “top tips” for those looking to emulate her.

20 mins

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“There are times when we are not in control of our minds. Why? Because part of our brain has its own agenda – we are the source and the solution to our own problems” – Leonie Lightfoot.

28 mins

Liz Barton discusses the issues and challenges surrounding returning to work in the fourth instalment of her groundbreaking VBJ series.

19 mins

Employment law can be a minefield – especially for vets without formal qualifications in the area. Anne Harvey explains how to avoid the pitfalls.

21 mins

Nuala Summerfield explains that rather than being a cause for concern, technology provides real opportunities for anyone prepared to embrace it.

34 mins

While running a practice is one part of the commercial equation, getting paid is the other, as Adam Bernstein explains.

24 mins

Anyone opening their own veterinary practice has to be a pretty remarkable person. So when VBJ heard about a woman who did just that in less than six weeks for £150,000, we just had to pay her a visit.

7 mins

Just being good at medicine is no longer enough for practices hoping to attract and retain clients. Experience is a big priority for owners visiting and, as Simon Power explains, getting your branding right is a crucial start.

23 mins

With clients able to access many sources of information, tone and nature of conversations with their vet have evolved. This can be a challenge; however, a change of approach can mean clients and clinicians leave the consult happy.

26 mins

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