XL Vets will launch VetSkills, a new training programme for vets across the UK this month (October) to help vets develop their clinical skills. The programme will also advise new vets how to get through tough moments.

XL Vets will launch VetSkills, a new training programme for vets across the UK this month (October).

New vets can suffer very stressful situations on-farm, says XL VetsLaunching on October 17, 2012, VetSkills aims to help vets develop their clinical skills through training delivered by experienced vets in practice.

Also on the programme is the unique “Survival Skills for Vets and Fighter Pilots” course, developed with ex-RAF pilot Tug Wilson. The course brings knowledge from NASA engineers, anaesthetists and fighter pilots to help develop skills and awareness that, according to XL Vets, should result in a “more confident and effective young vet who is more likely to stay safe”.

Phil Alcock, director of programme provider XLVets Training Services and partner in Bishopton Veterinary Group, Ripon, said: “Starting out in practice can be tough. Even in the most supportive of practices, young and recently qualified vets have to work independently out on farm, often having to contend with a difficult mixture of pressures in unfamiliar surroundings.”

When things don’t go to plan, said Mr Alcock, results can include:

  • a poor clinical outcome,
  • a stressed and unhappy young vet,
  • a damaged client relationship,
  • accident or injury, and
  • additional work and expense for the practice.

“Although clinical experience is part of this equation,” said Mr Alcock, “these situations are more commonly the result of human factors many of which we can consciously prepare for and develop skills in.”

The aim of the programme, said XL Vets, is to produce a “memorable, fun learning experience”, which also gives delegates practical techniques in situational awareness, decision-making and communication to take away and use back at work.

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