The Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) is working to provide a sustainable veterinary resource for wildlife in Zambia via a range of projects and collaborations.

WVS project manager Sylvain Hawawini with a pangolin, one of the most critically endangered animal in the world.

WVS is working on the Wildlife Veterinary Project with Game Rangers International, a charity that supports communities living around the Kafue National Park.

It manages the natural resources of the area through support to wildlife management and protection and community outreach and education.

WVS is also building a new veterinary clinic in the Mukambi area.

In the first few months, the outreach veterinary team, headed by Sylvain Hawawini, has been involved in projects such as lion reintroductions, giraffe postmortems, the clinical examination of orphan elephants and the rehabilitation of bush babies.

It was also involved in a Pangolin rescue and reintroduction. Pangolins are among some of the most endangered animals on the planet.

The WVS’ rapid action response vehicle is the only veterinary support for the park, which is the second largest in Africa.

Managing director James Florence said: “Zambia is home to the some incredible wildlife and yet has hardly any wildlife vets. Our project will not only provide for wildlife, but also veterinary training for local vets for long-term sustainability.”

The project comes after discussing the need to provide much needed help in the field of wildlife veterinary support in Zambia.

Funds are still required to enable the team to continue their vital work

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