A year-long educational campaign to drive awareness of the importance of worming pets regularly was launched in London today. The Worm Patrol campaign kicked off a nationwide tour in Potters Fields Park with the help of 63 dog mascots and two “pooch mobiles”.

A year-long educational campaign to drive awareness of the importance of worming pets regularly was launched in London today (Feb 18). The Worm Patrol campaign kicked off a nationwide tour in Potters Fields Park, where a team of 63 dog mascots and two “pooch mobiles” roamed the capital spreading the worming message.

Worm PatrolThe Worm Patrol campaign, sponsored by Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd, will see a team visit veterinary practices throughout the summer to help promote, set up and run Pet Worming Awareness Days alongside attending practice open days.

Veterinary practitioners will have access to the Worm Patrol support kit including the branded pooch mobile, Chewy the dog mascot and a worm patrol ambassador. Additional support will include educational leaflets for owners, giveaways and waiting room materials.

Backing the campaign is Maggie Fisher, chairperson of pet parasite experts, ESCCAP UK (the national association of the European Scientific Counsel for Companion Animal Parasites), who said: “Raising awareness of worm control throughout the life of cats and dogs is important, particularly when it is reported that 80 per cent of children kiss their pet and 21 per cent let them lick their fingers after sharing food.*

“While the risk may be relatively low, the consequences can be serious, especially in children. It’s important that pet owners take responsibility for their animals and we are pleased that initiatives such as the Worm Patrol and ‘Pet Worming Awareness Days’ will help practices to highlight the risk that endoparasites pose to humans and companion animals in a novel and light-hearted way.”

To arrange for the Worm Patrol to visit to your practice, or for further information about setting up a Pet Awareness Worming Day, please contact your Novartis Animal Health Territory Manager or Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd on +44 (0)1276 694402.

* Effect of pet ownership on immune functioning in children and nature of the relationship between children and pets: June McNicholas, Department of Psychology, University of Warwick, 2002

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