Woodley Equipment has announced a strategic partnership with Nova Biomedical for the distribution of its products into veterinary markets around the world.

The NovaVet Stat Profile Prime Veterinary Critical Care Analyser, available from Woodley Equipment.

The Nova Vet product range includes hand held meters for lactate, creatinine and ketone, and a veterinary critical care analyser.

  • The Stat Profile Prime Veterinary Blood Gas Critical Care Analyser combines micro-electronics technology and advanced micro-sensor technology to provide quick results and reduce running costs. Prime tests for 10 measured parameters and can further display 17 calculated parameters using proven Nova measurement technology in miniaturised, sensor card format. Nova Prime’s 10 measured parameters are: pH, PCO2, PO2, Na+, K+, CL-, iCa++, Glu, Lac, Hct
  • The NovaVet Blood Ketone Meter provides accurate, quantitative results for the early detection of subclinical ketosis in dairy cattle and diabetic ketoacidosis in companion animals.

  • The NovaVet Creatinine Meter is for use in the quantitative determination of Creatinine in fresh capillary, venous and arterial whole blood. For use in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of renal diseases.

  • The NovaVet Lactate Meter provides accurate quantitative Lactate results for use during endurance exercise, detection of hypofusion, and the monitoring of therapy response.

Woodley MD Mike Wickham said: “We are proud to represent such a pioneering and innovative diagnostic company and together we hope to bring the new range of NovaVet meters and analysers to benefit the veterinary profession worldwide.”

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