August’s National Animal Disease Information Service parasite forecast has warned that the summer’s wet and warm weather is providing “near perfect” conditions for fluke and worms.

August’s National Animal Disease Information Service (NADIS) parasite forecast has warned that the wet and warm weather provides “near perfect” conditions for fluke and worms to thrive in cattle.

The NADIS forecast for August says the summer's wet and warm conditions are perfect for liver fluke and worms to thriveAccording to the forecast, June’s rainfall is indicating 2012/13 to be a high risk fluke season as wet summers are associated with an increased risk of liver fluke disease for the following autumn/winter.

Meanwhile, lungworm disease is reaching a peak in July and August as the heavy downpours seen this summer break up faecal pats and aid the distribution of infective larvae.

Fiona MacGillivray, Merial Animal Health’s veterinary advisor, warns it’s more important than ever that treatments against worms and fluke are considered in cattle at grass, as grazing strategies alone are rarely successful in avoiding these diseases.

“Pour-on treatments are often chosen for their convenience, but unless the pour-on is rain-fast, you might as well be pouring money down the drain,” said Ms MacGillivray.

“Rain-fastness has never been so important. Make sure you select a treatment that can be used in wet weather conditions – the alternative may be either a drench or injectable treatment.

“Parasites are having a field day so you’ll have to make sure the wormers and flukicides you use are able to cope with the rain we’ve had.”

Ms MacGillivray also advises that stock should be dosed with a flukicide around eight to 12 weeks after turnout to reduce the release of eggs from cattle infected already with adult egg-laying fluke, thus reducing the infection of snails and infection on the pastures in autumn/winter this year.

For the latest parasite forecasts, visit NADIS’ website.

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