Chief veterinary officer for Wales says farmers must look to the welfare of their livestock after much country covered by snow.    

The Welsh Government has reminded farmers of their legal responsibilities after parts of the country were hit with up to a foot of snow today (January 18).

Christianne Glossop.Environment minister John Griffiths said: “Farmers need to take reasonable arrangements to protect welfare and prevent suffering where livestock might be at risk during severe weather. Animals kept outside must have access to dry-lying areas.

“Famers should ensure livestock is protected from the severe weather and that food and water is available. Farmers will be best placed to identify and source feed and water for their animals in times of difficulty, for example by co-operating with neighbours if supplies run short or access is difficult.”

The chief veterinary officer for Wales, Christianne Glossop, also reminded those planning to transport animals during the next few days of their obligations.

She said: “Animals need access to a dry lying areas, fresh water and supplementary feed in such cold conditions. Care needs to extend to animals in transit. Transporters are required by law not to transport animals in a way that is likely to cause injury or undue suffering. So, in the current conditions transporters must check their intended route is safe and clear before any journey commences.”

Advice on looking after farmed animals, horses and ponies and pets during bad weather is available on the Welsh Government website at

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