Veterinary Thermal Imaging (VTI) has announced the appointment of British Dressage listed trainer Maddi Burchell as the company’s new thermographer for the county of Kent.

Maddi has an impressive list of equestrian qualifications and also breeds and trains gundogs with her husband. As well as being a BD listed trainer, she is an International Society of Biomechanics qualified coach and also has advanced diplomas in horse care management and holistic horse care.
VTI offers a non-invasive and fully mobile thermal imaging service that can be used as a diagnostic tool, to monitor the efficacy of a treatment, for management and more. State-of-the-art infrared cameras are used to map heat patterns across an animal’s body, showing areas of interest in the form of hot spots and cold spots.

Maddi said: I love this technology because of its ability to pick up on areas of interest up to three weeks before clinical signs are shown, allowing the animal’s owner and vet to take action early, which could lessen the severity of an issue. It’s really incredible. I’m delighted to be able to offer this technology to people in Kent.

VTI MD Helen Morrell said “We’re thrilled to have Maddi join the team. She brings a wealth of canine and equine knowledge to the company, which works perfectly with what VTI has to offer. Understanding the needs of working dogs and performance horses, as well as pets, is essential, as is a great attitude and in-depth knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, all of which Maddi has.”
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