Lantra, the sector skills council for environmental and land-based industries, has announced that the skills of veterinary nurses (VNs) are finally being recognised by the Office for National Statistics, thanks to feedback from industry.

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes are used to classify workers
into occupational categories in order to collect a variety of data. Up until
now, many environmental and land-based sector job roles have been grouped
together in one SOC code, including veterinary nurses and assistants, which are
categorised together. This has made it difficult for the different skills needs of the
job roles to be clearly identified.

Following feedback from industry and recognising that veterinary nurses are
regulated with specific qualifications needed to practise, Lantra proposed via
the SOC 2010 Revision consultation that VNs should be acknowledged in their own
occupational code. In a positive move, the Office of National Statistics has now
confirmed that this change will be implemented.

Lisa Jarvis, Industry Partnership Manager for veterinary nursing at Lantra,
said: “National data can be used to provide the vital evidence needed to
steer government policy, funding and training provision. The more data Lantra
can access from official sources to combine with our own research, the stronger
our evidence base is to identify skills issues, understand training requirements
and call for action to meet these needs. It is essential that we have SOC codes
that acknowledge these different job roles.”

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