Veterinary practices will be able to show clients how to carry out a range of basic procedures with the help of a new series of pet health videos, launched by Webpartner.

The set of 19 videos aim to advise pet owners, protect their pets’ health and educate them on various aspects of health care.

Topics covered in the series include:

  • How to give a tablet to your cat or dog
  • How to check your dog’s teeth
  • How to get a cat into a basket

Other videos encourage owners to take a proactive approach to monitoring their pets’ health by highlighting the early signs of illness and obesity.

Nicola Saunders, Webpartner manager, explains: “Pet owners are attracted to videos because they can actually watch how to carry out procedures that they may find challenging, and can replay the video as many times as they want before trying the procedures themselves. Persuading a cat to take a tablet is a good example and is something I have struggled with myself.

“We’ve commissioned the videos to cover a whole range of routine pet care tasks and can now make them available to practices, fully branded, to include on their own websites. Existing Webpartner clients receive a significant discount when purchasing the full set.”

Available for practices to use under an annual license, the range of videos can also include logo branding for a small additional fee.

The Webpartner team has designed and built more than 250 websites for veterinary and related organisations across the UK.

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