Vets currently involved in TB testing have shown an interest in covering an average of 5% more cattle than they do now.

And they would also like to increase the proportion of non-client farms they test, from the current figure of 7% to 19%.

That’s according to interim findings of an online survey being carried out in preparation for likely changes later this year to the way TB testing is managed.

The survey also asks holders of Official Veterinarian status (OVs) how they would like to see the current system improved. Nearly half – 47.5% – are dissatisfied with the lack of advance notice of known difficult test conditions on farms they haven’t attended before.

They would like more information about poor cattle handling facilities or other potentially recurring difficulties experienced at previous tests.

The survey remains open until at least the end of May at

OVs taking part have the option to do so anonymously and a spokesman for the survey organiser urged more to take part in the interests of building as representative a picture as possible of current views and experience.

“The findings will help ensure that the wealth of existing knowledge, expertise and commitment among current OVs can be capitalised upon,” the spokesman said.

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