Members of the profession can enhance their knowledge around dog bite prevention and behaviour at a special event this month.

shakira and victoria
VN Shakira Miles (left) meets dog behaviour expert Victoria Stilwell at a previous year’s event.

The National Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference, hosted by It’s Me or the Dog presenter Victoria Stilwell, takes place 24-25 June at Kingston University.

Range of subject

Now in its fourth year, the event will explore how to deal with a range of issues that can occur in practice on a daily basis, including techniques to address fear in dogs and how empowerment and communication can be used as bite prevention tools.

Other topics will include:

  • the dangerous dog dilemma
  • how to conduct a safe assessment of a dangerous dog
  • effective communication with dogs under extreme stress
  • mislabelling dogs as dominant and/or stubborn
  • how to effectively lobby for better legislation

Alongside Victoria Stilwell, speakers include renowned veterinary behaviourist Kendal Shepherd, professor of veterinary behavioural medicine at the University of Lincoln Daniel Mills, and more.

Highly recommended

VN Shakira Miles, who has attended the event in previous years, said it changed her approach to dogs within the veterinary setting.

She said: “It has impacted on my every day consultations – I am now using muzzles less, while my patients and clients are happier and love my force free positive approach. I am also so much happier in my role.

“Since this event I am now the go-to girl at my clinic for fearful dogs. I would highly recommend this event for all of my fellow colleagues, as we all work with dogs, and dog bite risks are a daily occurrence.”

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MVZ Cert. Alfredo Medina
MVZ Cert. Alfredo Medina
12 days 9 hours ago

Very interested in Dog bite issue, but I think to far from the conference placer. Can you send me the prize of conference, where to stay.

Vet Times
11 days 22 hours ago

Hi Alfredo. The conference costs £160 to attend. As for accommodation, there is a list of hotels in and around Kingston University at


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