Vetoquinol has announced the launch of Enisyl-F, the first L-Lysine supplement developed for veterinary use in the UK and Ireland.

Enisyl-F L-Lysine supplement The palatable L-Lysine paste has been formulated exclusively for kittens and adult cats and comes with a unique distributing pump. According to the company, the pump and paste formulation aid compliance in catsthat require L-Lysine supplementation and make administration ofL-Lysine much easier.

Each pump action delivers 1ml of paste at each press, whichcan be applied directly into the cat’s mouth or on the paw to be lickedoff. It can also be added to food. 1 ml of paste contains 250mg of L-Lysine

Product manager Zorica Agbaba said: “I am sure that will prove very useful to veterinary surgeons, especially when it comes to aiding compliance in cats that require L-Lysine supplementation.”

To try Enisyl-F or for more information about the product, contact your local Vetoquinol representative. Alternatively, call 01280 814 500 (UK) or 1800 406 117 (ROI free phone number). Further details are also available at

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