Students at The University of Edinburgh Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (RDSVS) have launched a festive initiative to help vulnerable people and their dogs this Christmas.

RDSVS students
RDSVS students launching the Royal Dick Christmas bag appeal.

The Royal Dick Christmas bag appeal was launched by Jamie-Leigh Thomson and Rosie Herrington to help vulnerably housed people and their dogs by collecting bags filled by students and staff from RDSVS.

Gift bags

The gift bags contain a variety of items that will benefit the homeless and their dogs, such as warm clothing, stationary, hygiene items and food for the owners, as well as a collection of treats, leads and canine dental items for the dogs.

For many people, their dog is their best, and sometimes only, companion and these bags will make a small difference to both people and their pets over Christmas.

Social supper

To help the appeal, Royal Canin donated backpacks that will be handed out at the December All4Paws clinic – a free pop-up vet clinic run by students from RDSVS for dogs of the homeless and vulnerable. A further bag hand-out will also take place at a Social Bite Supper event.

The appeal has raised huge support at the RDSVS and the success of this project will hopefully extend to further projects in the future.

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