Two charity veterinary nurses are urging people to join a protest in Westminster on July 11 against legislation they say discriminates against some breeds of dogs, particularly Staffordshire bull terriers.

Breed-specific legislation (BSL) prohibits the ownership of certain “types” of dogs, the most popular being the pit bull terrier.

RVNs Gemma Plumer and Shakira Miles say the legislation discriminates against breeds because of the way they look, not the individual danger they pose.

The term pit bull is used as an umbrella term and many bull breeds fall under this description. It means dogs such as staffies and staffie crosses are being seized under BSL and then euthanised.

Miss Miles, who works at a charity hospital in London, sees a high percentage of bull breed dogs every day that she and her colleagues enjoy working with and wants to change perceptions of the breed.

“Our mission is to educate vets, nurses and other veterinary staff about BSL and the problems with this ineffective law,” she said.

“Each year a peaceful protest takes place outside Westminster to speak out against BSL. It is a day where like-minded people come together to speak about their own experiences of BSL and discuss the challenges we face every day.

“It is organised by non-profit organisation Dangerous Dogs Act Watch, which offers support and advice on responsible ownership for bull breed owners.

“We are hoping to round up interest and encourage all to participate and represent the veterinary sector by coming along on the day.”

For more information email, tweet @SaveABulls or visit SaveABulls on Facebook.

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