The first and only equine influenza (EI) vaccine in Europe to contain a clade 2 strain is now available in the UK.

ProteqFlu-Te is now available in the UK

Manufacturer Merial Animal Health also claims the updated ProteqFlu is also the only vaccine that is fully compliant with the latest 2014 OIE recommended EIV strains.

Merial’s Louise Radford said: “The launch marks the UK’s first and only fully updated equine flu vaccine that contains both a Clade 1 and Clade 2 antigen, which includes protection against the latest Florida Clade 2 strain, Richmond 07.

“This is a significant step for horse health, and the equine industry as a whole.”

Hervé Poulet, Merial’s head of biodevelopment and bioresearch, explained: “Merial has developed strong and unique expertise in the development of non-replicative recombinant canarypox virus-vectored vaccines for various species and diseases.

“For the development of ProteqFlu, our non-replicative recombinant canarypox vector expressing the EI virus haemagglutinin (HA) is used because of its ability to induce a strong cellular immunity, which is an essential component in protecting against this highly contagious disease.”

ProteqFlu has also demonstrated its success and efficacy in real outbreaks – particularly during the last major outbreak, in Australia in 2007, during which ProteqFlu was the only vaccine chosen for the eradication programme.
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