Animal health company Virbac has launched what it calls a “unique” 4-in-1 product to aid in the management of cats and dogs with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

According to the company, Pronefra helps to manage a range of factors that are known to decrease quality and/or length of life.

First up is phosphate restriction – something Virbac regards as one of the most important management pathways in addressing CKD. Pronefra’s primary mode of activity, therefore, is as a phosphate binder, with studies showing it can “significantly decrease” serum phosphate levels.

Meanwhile, enhanced palatability has also been a focus of Pronefra’s development, said Virbac, as it is an “essential attribute” for a product aimed at often inappetent animals.

The product also:

  • binds uraemic toxins
  • helps to maintain normal kidney architecture
  • contributes to supporting a balanced blood pressure

Pronefra is presented in a liquid formulation for ease of use and should be mixed with food or given orally at meal times – the ability to give via a syringe makes both methods possible. Virbac is also providing a practice pack of support materials to practices, including a pet health recording book for clients to aid in compliance and other educational tools for vets, nurses and clients.

Virbac’s marketing manager for companion animals Simon Boulton said: “CKD causes a vicious circle of deterioration, but good management can increase both the quality of life and life expectancy of affected animals.

“We are delighted to launch Pronefra in the UK, following a ‘sell-out’ launch in mainland Europe, as a new option to aid in the management of CKD.”

For more information, visit Virbac’s website.

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