Pfizer Animal Health launches the UK’s first-ever product to generate broad immune response in equines to combat respiratory disease.

Horse vets can now access the UK’s first equine immunomodulator treatment to target respiratory disease.

Zylexis, produced by Pfizer Animal Health, contains a super-antigen, in the form of inactivated parapox ovis virus, which works to stimulate a horse’s non-specific immune system, protecting the animal until it can develop a pathogen-specific response.
It has been granted a license in the UK to combat respiratory disease associated with stress or overcrowding.

“Zylexis has been licensed in the United States and in Germany for a number of years,” said Pfizer’s national veterinary manager Wendy Talbot.

“We believe Zylexis plays a pivotal role in helping to minimise the severity of respiratory disease outbreaks in these countries, therefore helping to maintain performance potential. It’s a very welcome addition to the medicine box of UK vets.”

According to the manufacturer, studies have shown a 40.3% reduction in the clinical signs and duration of respiratory disease in young horses under conditions of crowding and stress and a significant reduction of purulent nasal discharge when using the product.

Zylexis is recommended as a course of three single dose intramuscular injections on days zero, two and nine, with the first dose administered shortly before an equine is placed in an overcrowded or stressful situation.

Visit the Pfizer website for more information.

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