An easy-to-use, sustained release gel for canine otitis externa infection has been released.

Elanco Animal Health believe Osurnia will significantly improve compliance due to its convenient, two-dose administration schedule a week apart, as opposed to other products where owners must treat their dogs with five to 28 doses of medication throughout the course.

Elanco points out compliance with daily ear drops has been shown to be poor, with up to 80% of owners administering the incorrect dose to their pet. The most common reason for a lack of compliance is the difficultly or challenge in applying the drops.

Osurnia contains three active ingredients. These include the antibiotic florfenicol, which is new to companion animal treatment in the UK, terbinafine, which inhibits the growth of yeast as demonstrated for Malassezia species, and the glucocorticosteroid betamethasone acetate to help relieve discomfort. Moreover, the innovative sustained release gel provides optimal distribution of the treatment throughout the ear canal with less mess.

Osurnia is administered in a pre-measured, single-dose tube, ensuring the right dose every time. It has a flexible, soft tip that is gentle on a dog’s ears, making treatment a comfortable experience for the dog. The gel formulation spreads through the ear, adhering inside the ear canal for long-lasting action.

It is the same dose for any dog, regardless of size and weight. The manufacturer has produced a client leaflet on treating otitis externa with Osurnia. For further information, or to order client leaflets, contact a local Elanco Animal Health territory manager or email

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