Two leading VNs have teamed up to create a resource they hope will help the whole veterinary team identify when a patient’s condition needs help.

Dog monitoring.
The sheet hopes to make monitoring patients easier for the veterinary team. IMAGE: Fotolia/Maria Sbytova.

CVS director of nursing Belinda Andrews-Jones and popular VN blogger and clinical coach Jane Davidson have produced an “early intervention patient monitoring” sheet.

According to the duo, the sheet – known as the Andrews-Jones and Davidson Early Intervention System – uses vital parameters for comparison with the chart, which has reference ranges from normal, with no colour, to amber for slightly abnormal parameters, and red for bigger problems.

Easy alert

The idea, they said, is if a patient hits two amber or one red trigger(s), a veterinary clinician should be alerted for early intervention.

However, it is “anticipated” this will not fit all patients, they said and, while there are feline and canine reference ranges, some patients will have different “normals”.

If a patient hits any triggers, it should be monitored more closely, they said, suggesting at least every half an hour until stable.

Mrs Andrews-Jones said: “From my background of nursing emergency and critical care patients for many years, I realise the importance of using the whole nursing team in picking up on small changes in a patient’s condition and acting at the earliest opportunity.

‘Easy to use’

“This has been known to bring improved outcomes to patients. This is why I wanted to make a simple, easy-to-use sheet that will help empower nurses to act on changes to patients’ conditions.”

In its early stages, the sheet will first be used by CVS with its anaesthesia record sheet during a patient’s recovery, with rollout to kennel sheets in the “near future”. Once the system is in place across the CVS group, it will become available to the wider profession, and be discussed more in-depth in a future edition of VN Times.

Mrs Andrews-Jones said she believes the system could be used, with the relevant changes, in many different monitoring areas, from triaging to monitoring anaesthesia.

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