Mission Rabies, the global campaign set up by vet Luke Gamble, vaccinated 23,151 dogs in the first 54 days of 2015, the equivalent of more than 400 a day.

Vet Luke Gamble, (back, fourth from left) with members of the Mission Rabies team.

This means since the charity was set up in September 2013, 158,536 dogs have been protected against rabies.

So far this year, Mission Rabies teams have launched and supported several mass vaccine drives as well as continuing their work in Ranchi and Goa in India,

In February they began working with the Dogstar Foundation in Sri Lanka, lending epidemiological support to its Project Sirus, in which more than 4,562 dogs were vaccinated.

This was closely followed by the launch of a second mass vaccination drive in Nagpur in association with Vets for Animals.

The team completed their vaccination target five days ahead of schedule, dealing with 5,188 dogs in just nine days.

Mission Rabies says vaccinating dogs against rabies has been proven to stop the spread of the disease to people and saves the lives of people and dogs. It aims to eliminate rabies from the world by 2030.

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